Saturday, 11 January 2014

D.I.Y. Your Room - Glitter Heart Jar

I always find I have loads of miscellaneous things that don't really have a place to go and end up just lying around cluttering the place up and these cute jars are the perfect solution to this. Also they are easy and cheap to make!
You Will Need:
A Clean Jam Jar
PVA Glue
Sticky Back Plastic
A Pen
A Heart Template
And Patience!

Start off by taking your heart template and drawing round it onto sticky back plastic.

Then cut this out.

Peel the backing off and stick the plastic heart onto the inside of the jar.

Pour the PVA into the jar and put the lid on.

Tilt the jar, moving the PVA around inside, until all the inside of the jar is covered in PVA. Leave this for a minute or two to stiffen, but don't let it dry.

Now add your glitter and once again tilt the jar till all insides are covered with the glitter.

Leave to dry overnight and then peel away the plastic heart using tweezers.

And you are left with a beautiful glitter jar!!!

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