Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hot or not - Floral?

It's Spring!!! You may not have noticed from the current freezing cold outside, but it is actually Spring!! I love Spring and as you may have noticed from my last few posts i am quite excited about the warmer weather (hopefully) on it's way (after the snow!). And nothing says Spring more than floral prints, so i immediately thought, Hot or Not post! Here it is!
Floral skirts are something i love with florals, but i have just done a post about them so i won't drag on about them. But, they can turn a not so feminine outfit into a girly masterpiece or can add colour to a white or faded coloured top. So i would definitely say that floral skirts are a good part of floral!

Floral dresses are also something i love with floral, they are so fresh and girly, i love the floaty dresses. I don't know if you would class this as floral, but i like dresses which are floral lace, like the one in my 'new discovery - Forever 21' post. They are great to wear with a denim jacket and maybe boots and tights, for all year round floralness!
Floral jeans, now i love some floral jeans, but the majority of them i don't like as much. They are not that easy to find either, i know Hannah, from Remarkable Ramblings, tried to find some printed jeans, but couldn't find any that she loved enough to buy. Sometimes, if they are just denim coloured with white floral outlines on they can look really nice. Wear with boots.
Floral tops, can look really nice, especially blouses and shirts. The colours are often a bit far fetched, so the only thing i can think of to wear with them if plain denim shorts or jeans. They can be very puffy, loose and comfortable and are good for Spring, but all floral is perfect for the Spring time. However, i don't really like floral tops.

Floral hotpants, are great to wear with a plain white tee or with a totally crazy clashing print! They are cute and hot, perfect for summer!
Not only can floral be found on clothing, it can be found on shoes and other accessories too, its the perfect way to add a little bit of a feminine touch, without going overboard, i love floral ballet pumps and bracelets.
Overall, i think that floral is definitely HOT and very feminine. And you can always count on it to be in trend in Spring/Summer time, so i would start collecting your florals for this year!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

New discovery - Forever 21

Hi guys! This is a new segment I am adding to my blog called 'new discovery' it will basically be about something that I have recently discovered and that I am loving!! Today I thought I would do about a shop, which I have heard so many American bloggers love, it's Forever 21 and when it finally came to England I saw just how amazing this shop is!!!
I haven't actually bought anything from here yet but I can just tell its a good shop. For one thing Miss Glamorazzi and Stilababe09 are always buying things from Forever 21, and they know all about shops and clothes.

Also, the clothes just look amazing, wearable and quite cheap (I would compare the price to New Look), so here are some of things that I love from there.
This is very girly and feminine and i love the pattern on it. The brown leather belt helps give it a more defined shape and give you more a figure! I think it is just the right length and would look great with a cropped denim jacket, like the one below the one below!
This is very edgy, yet girly, i love that the skirt is high-low and ombre, as it gives a really cool effect.They are very individual. The colours are very calm and would look great at the beach, but be careful what you wear with it as you want all the attention on the skirt.
This is simple and just easy to put over any top or dress in the spring/summer time. They are good for making a girly outfit (like the dress above), more edgy.
This light pink and cream stripe is going to be very popular this summer, and is very fun. They look slightly high-waisted, so i would advise wearing a top tucked in with them.
These are very girly and look expensive, but at £4.90 are a total bargain!
This is great to wear with anything, it is so simple and laid back, great for a casual day. It is on trend though as denim shirts are in at the moment.
I love all these items and i would really advise looking on the forever 21 website, as it's really good.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Denim Hotpants

It's a snow day, so i thought i would do a post about summer wear!! Denim hotpants are a staple item for anyones (unless you live in Antarctica) wardbrobe this spring/summer (if we get any warm weather that is, the inch of snow outside seems to make me not so sure). They are important in fashion and are simple, but how many different types are there? (Clue: This is a long post).
Denim hotpants come in all different colours, patterns and washes, this makes them quite appealing to the eye. But you have to be brave to pull of a pair of them, cofidence (and nice legs) is the key to making them look good. The classic faded denim hotpants are something that will always be hot, even if its winter and you are just about baring to survive in your hotpants and thick wolly tights! They are simple yet stytlish and are a easy way to look hot this summer. These above are from Topshop and i included them in my haul.
Then there are the block coloured denim hotpants, which i love in pastel colours for spring, the simpleocisty of these is amazing, white top and your ready to go! They are a fun, colourful way to wear denim, but you have to be careful, as the top may not always go with the shorts. This pair above of plum denim hotpants are from Miss Guided, the burgundy/plum colour is really in this year and the black top is paired well, but it makes the outfit look a bit dark.
Another type of denim hotpants are prints! I used to hate these but now i quite like them, some i love some i hate. The floral pairs look amazing, and on general shorts with prints can be fun and vibrant! Wearing them with a clashing print, can look good, depending on the prints and colours. The pair above are from Topshop and are an acid washed hotpant with pink crochet on.
The next main type of hotpants are dip dye, these are very hot this year and have recently been very popular, but you would have to very confident to pull a pair of these off. They are also quite hard to wear as what top do you wear? You don't want to attract the attention away from the shorts, but you don't want to make them look out of place by wearing a white top. I think these can look amazing but its all in the owner on how these go down! This pair above are green dip dye hotpants and are from New Look.
The final type of hotpants are another must-have this summer, highwaisted. You need amazing hips and gorgeous legs to pull of a pair of these, but with a tucked in shirt or a cropped top they can look great. Becuase they are highwaisted they make your legs look much longer, which is great if you have short legs and if you don't, who doesn't want longer legs? This pair above are from Topshop and are berry coloured acid 50's style highwaisted hotpants (breath), which look great with a simple white top.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My obsession with floral skirts

I love floral skirts and when I own three, I think I have a bit of an obsession. I love the floaty style so you may see this on some of the skirts (or all of them!).
The first skirt is this multicoloured puffy layered skirt, it is from Marks and Spencers, but I am not sure on the price as it was a gift. I love this skirt soooo much that i basically lived in it last summer!!! I included it in my Spring outfits post too, to show you how to wear it. I love to wear it with a tucked in shirt, as it has a thin band round the skirt making it give you a real figure!
This skirt is in layers and is navy blue with multicoloured floral print, it has a black tight waist belt, which can also create quite a figure with a top tucked in or can keep the skirt up if you have a thin waist. I like the layers as it adds texture and makes it look more 3 dimensional. It is from H&M and cost about £7.00. I like to wear it with a white cable knit cardigan and black tights when it is cold.
The final skirt is this layered skirt with faded pastel colours which I got from a really cute boutique in Majorca. I like the dark leather strip belt, as it looks girly and cute. Also the light colours make it perfect for a hot summer day. I like to wear it with a white puffy t-shirt (so the attention is all focused on the skirt) and a pastel pink long, thin cardigan (mine is from New Look).
You can dress any of these skirts down with vans (like above) or dress them up with heels (like above), these gladiator strappy heels are perfect for that spring/summer time vibe....

Do you like floral skirts?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Is it forever strong?

Once upon a time, i was flicking through YouTube videos and came upon a video by one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Essiebutton, and saw her mention this lovely ceramic blue nail varnish, i loved the colour and so a few days later, i went out and bought it and i'm glad i did!
It's the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro nail varnish, the first one i owned was in the shade 'ceramic blue' it's a pastel blue colour and is perfect for spring/summer time. After being so pleased with it i later purchased the same nail varnish but in the shade 'hot salsa', it's a pinky-red colour and is very bright and once again is the perfect colour for spring/summer. Also, i find the nail varnish very easy to remove with cotton pads. They have all the perfect qualities of a nail varnish, they're long lasting, easy to apply and smooth. They're currently the best nail varnish i have ever tried (the Rimmel ones might beat these soon) and i am hoping to buy some other shades too.
Also, they're very reasonably priced as they only cost £4.09 from Superdrug and Boots, so i really recommend it.
What is your favourite nail polish?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spring Outfit

Hey, I love Spring, the blossoms, the sight of the sun, the pastel colours in spring which gradually turn to bright eye-popping colours for summer. Spring and Summer are definitely my favourite seasons, fashion wise too, as I love shorts and skirts, which are hard to wear in a chilling winter and you don't have to be as practical as in winter, with your clothes anyway! So, i have created a few of my favourite Spring Outfits, as it's on it's way!
First outfit: White button up sleeveless shirt from new look - £12.99
Floral multi-coloured puffy skirt from Marks and Spencers - don't know as was given to me buy my good friend Saffron
Navy blue v-neck jumper from Hollister - £27
This is in keeping with the current fashion trend 'Geek chic', it is it good for the warmer parts of Spring and is very comfy, but I recommend tucking in the shirt and the edge of the jumper.
Second outfit: Faded denim shorts from Topshop - £22
Cropped navy blue and white stripped top with 3/4 length sleeves from New Look - £4.99
White cable knit cardigan from H and M - not sure on cost
Knee high black socks from New Look - £3.99 for 2 pairs (optional)
Knee high socks are on trend at the moment and keep your legs warm as even though its Spring, don't forget that I live in Britain. The slightly cropped top looks really good with the shorts as the colours go and you can see the top of the shorts, but not your belly!
Third outfit: Denim vintage faded jeans from Topshop - £38
White button up sleeveless shirt from New Look - £12.99
Light pastel pink thin, long cardigan from New Look - £14.99
This is for the colder times, I love these jeans and think tucked in the shirt will look great also the hoodie is good to keep you warm.
You can pair any of these outfits with vans (or converse) to dress them down and to give a casual look. Or to dress them up you can wear them with high heels, like these brown strappy sandal high heels from New Look about £18.
What are you planning on wearing in Spring?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Topshop Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans, but because of my rather petite figure i often find it difficult to find a pair which actually are skinny and not baggy and loose. So, when i went into Topshop and tried on a pair of their jeans, i immediately fell in love with their tight fighting and long style, however i didn't buy a pair. This happened several times and i found myself buying pairs and pairs of jeans, which were much cheaper, but were not skinny on me and i hated them. I eventually decided to splash out and purchase a pair of their Leigh Vintage Skinny Jeans and although i am still in £10 debt, with my dad, i have not regretted it.
I love these jeans, they are the softest denim jeans that I have felt, they really are comfy and soft on your skin. Also, they are really good quality so will last along time (I bought a extra long pair to make sure I get full wear out of them!). I like that they are slightly rolled up at the bottom, I think it makes them look spring/summery and more casual and I love that they are not to dark but not to light because dirt would easily show up on light coloured jeans.
I adore these jeans, you can buy them from Topshop for £38.
What are your favourite jeans?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Bucket List

Hey, basically a bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die, they can include anything, from bungee jumping to touring America. I have recently written a bucket list, so i thought i would share it with you.
  • Climb Boefell which is in the Lake District because my mum and dad climbed it when they were younger and said it was really fun.
  • Get a Duke of Edinburgh award, as i think it would be fun and it's a really good award.
  • I really want to swim with dolphins as i think it would be really cool and i love dolphins, although i might be a bit scared of them at first.
  • Go to Paris because i want to see the Eiffel Tower ad go shopping and go to the Champs-Elysee (i have dreamed of going to Paris for ages).
  • Own a Burberry bag, i think they look amazing and Jessica Ennis got one when she won the gold at the Olympics and i love that bag sooooooooooo much.
  • Take a gap year and tour round France with my friends, it would be absolutely amazing!!!!
  • I would love to design and build my own house, because i could make it exactly how i want it as i am very picky.
  • Go speed boating, i have been once before, but i can't remember it so i really want to go again.
  •  I want to go to Lake Annecy in France, it is a really big melted glacier lake, which you can swim in, so the water is pure and it is surrounded by the Alps and has loads of really grassy banks next to the lake, to sunbath on!
  • Go snorkeling to see loads of sea creatures.
  • I want to go to university so i have a higher chance of getting a better job.
  • Own a pair of Christian Louboutions, because they are some seriously gorgeous shoes.
  • I want to go to Wimbledon and eat lots of strawberries there (i have heard they are very good).
  • Go to a spa.
  • I want to go surfing, at the moment i can only body board and that doesn't take much skill, but i see surfers and it looks really fun.
  • I want to go with my brother and dad to the watch the ashes (cricket tournament) in Australia, because it is really sunny and relaxing.
  • Finally, I want to get married, not to anyone, but to that special someone.
So, that is my bucket list, what's yours?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

BaByliss Curlers

I have always loved curly and wavy hair and about a year ago now I purchased some curlers from Boots, because I was so much in love with that hairstyle and I'm glad I did. The curlers I have are the BaByliss pro curl 210 styling hair tongs and I think they are amazing and my friends agree, so I thought i would tell you about them (but there is too much to tell). Firstly, they have 5 different heat settings (power, 165, 180, 195 and 210 degrees Celsius), which is good so you can have long-lasting and good shaped curls or you can not damage your hair as much and use a low heat setting (I usually use 195). They have a clip to keep your hair in place and to protect you from burning your fingers, which is easy to do with a wand.
They have a medium sized barrel, so you can get big curls, if you use a little amount of hair or wavy more subtle curls, if you use big chunks of hair. They are suitable for most hair lengths and styles, which I know is a big off putter of buying curlers, is that they won't work on your hair type, but these will. Also, the curls last for ages and even longer if you use hairspray (even though I hate hairspray as its really sticky and heavy). However, like all curlers they take ages too use and can make you late for work/school.
They are cheap too (compared to other curlers) at only £18.99 from Boots.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Vans vs converse

Both very popular, but pricy, shoe brands, amongst both girls and boys, but which is better?
Vans are comfortable, stylish sneakers. They have a thick white brim, which gives them their authentic look, which in my opinion can look cool, but can also make them look like something a sailor would wear. They come in all different colours and patterns, from burgundy to floral blue. However, they are a very low shoe, which may look good, but is not the most practical, as I always seem to be mismatching my red vans with things like lime green socks and the socks are clearly visible because of the lowness of the shoe! They are quite versatile as you can wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses, however be aware that because of the wide variety of colours and patterns they do not go with everything and anything you can find. I also think vans are bit girly than converse.

Converse are very similar to vans, however they have a baseball shoe style, which involves the big difference which is the white tip. This is in some way good as its protects the fabric at the tip of the toe from getting dirty and it can look good, I'm not sure if this is something I prefer about Converse to Vans or not. Converse also have a section on their website where you can design your own converse shoes, choosing the patterns and colours you want, however this doesn't come cheap, I think it is about £55 pounds to do this! Converse don't have such a chunky base either, which is probably something I prefer about converse too, but I think converse are less versatile and if I owned a pair I would probably only wear them with jeans, but some people can pull them off with skirts and it looks amazing!

Overall, I think Vans win the battle. I own a pair for a reason, you know! In my opinion they just look better and are more girly and subtle

Friday, 1 March 2013

Hot or not - lace?

I have always had a love hate relationship with lace and ever since Kate Middleton featured lace heavily on her wedding dress, it has been very popular, but is it hot or not? 
 This cream lace mini skater dress from River Island is a example of just how elegant lace can look. The cream tones and gold zip of this dress also add to this effect, the lace makes it look more girly and even though it is quite short, it still makes it look sophisticated. White/cream lace is very pretty and i think the 3/4 length sleeves make is look casual yet elegant. This cream lace tiered mini skirt also from River Island is another example of how nice light and pale colours are, lace wise. Another thing i like about this skirt is that it only has two bands of lace, which still gives it it's elegance but i keeps it subtle.
This black lace dress is an example of how lace can be overdone, as in my opinion the black lace makes it look like your grandmas clothing (not that she has bad dress sense, she may look better than Beyonce, for all i know!), which is the bad thing about lace, you have to be careful how you wear it! I don't like that the lace is black either, i think it gives the dress a dark, miserable look, but I'm sure if someone was wearing it it would look less dead!
I love this top though, it is from Topshop and is called a lace collar top (i think i mentioned it in my Topshop Wish List), i think it is very well created as even-though dark colours are used and lace, it still looks stylish. I think this is helped by the on trend collar, which gives it an edgy look, but i would say the lace is great.
Overall, i think lace is hot, as it can change a clothing items overall look, but you have to be careful how you wear it, but i would say lace is at the top of my scale of hotness, rating it a 8 out of 10.
Do you agree? Is lace hot?