Friday, 31 May 2013

Perfect Topshop Polka Dots

I don't know about you (but i'm feeling 22 - Bit of Taylor Swift) but i have been seeing polka dots everywhere recently, especially in one of my favourite shops, Topshop! They have so many gorgeous spotty clothes at the moment that i dedicated a whole post to them and other spotty clothes! Topshops variety of spotty clothes is amazing and as they all very expensive, i thought the next best thing to buying them, was blogging about them, so here is another ramble about clothes.......

In Topshop, in their MOTO range, they have a collection of spotted denim clothing. These items are absolutely gorgeous and i love them so much. If they would actually suit me or not is a different question, but i have just fallen in love with these pieces of spotted clothing, so without futher ado here are the items: (I am especially in love with the dark denim swing skirt!)

But Topshop is not the only shop that sells spotty clothes, but it is probably the most expensive, so here are some cheaper alternatives to these pricy dots!
These light denim polka dot shorts are really cute. The polka dots are small which makes it look more subtle and as they are high waisted would look great with a shirt or baggy t-shirt tucked in. New Look - £19.99

This denim polka dot tie front shirt, is similar to the shorts above, in that it has small, subtle dots and is on light denim. This would look great at a festival or on a hot summers day. The shirt is quite formal but is dressed down by the tie front, so could be worn formal or casual. New Look - £14.99

This monochrome polka dot crop top is very on trend at the moment as monochrome and crop tops are hot! Its capped sleeves give it a bit of cuteness, while the textured finish and cropped style keep it edgy. The perfect summer top. River Island - £16

This monochrome skater skirt is a classic spotty item. It is pretty and with the gold zip at the back is elegant and sophisticated. It would look great with a blouse or shirt tucked in, for an evening out. Internacionale - £10 (sale)

You can't forget about accessories and i found Boohoo do some really cute ones. These spotty knee high socks with a bow, look really cute and would look great with a casual day dress or a floaty skater skirt. They could dress a pair of denim shorts up or a black evening dress down. Boohoo - £5

These bow hair clips really add something to an outfit and are great if you don't want to go spotty mad and just add a little cuteness to your outfit. Boohoo - £6

Hope this gave you some inspiration on spotty clothes and if it didn't well these pictures of spotty clothes from Tumblr, surely will:

Inspired yet?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Stuck for Summer?

Are you stuck on what you should do this summer? Well, me too! I get so excited about the Summer Holidays and then just get bored to death half way through as i have already ran out of all these things to do that i dreamed about in the last few weeks of school! So, i thought i would make a list of all the amazing things you can do this summer! Here we are.....

  • Go to the park with your friends and buy a giant tub of ice cream (all take spoons) and eat it all and just chat and mess about!
  • Go shopping with your mates and eat lots of greggs! (Pic from 'Confessions of a shopaholic' if you haven't seen the film, go watch it!).
  • On those rainy days go to the cinema with your mates and then go get dinner at a restaurant nearby!
  • Get a job at a cafe or somewhere, this will earn you money and will fill your spare time!
  • Go round all the charity shops and try on all wacky clothes!
  • Go on a walk and soak up that sun!
  • Go to the beach for the day and go in the sea!
  • Go to a local outdoor pool and swim and sunbathe!
  • Play golf (it may sound boring) but it's actually really relaxing and quite fun if you go with the right people and the right attitude and if its sunny!
  • Go camping with your besties!! Even if it's just in your garden, you will have a great time, remember to  stock up on those sweets too!
  • Get away for a few days, go to the city, the beach, the countryside, wherever, it will just clear your mind and get you ready for going back to school and will be fun!
I hope this inspired you to have a great action packed summer!

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Body Shop V Lush

I am addicted to scented, bubbly, coloured baths, i don't think i have had a bath that is none of these for years. I also love my shower gels and body products and the gorgeous smells every time you walk into these shops. Lush is very environmentally and animal friendly and The Body Shop is very sleek and clean, but which is the best in the battle for the best smelling (and other stuff) shop......
Lets start with Lush, Lush is full to the brim with exciting new and original products and ideas, the smell when you walk in the shop is heavenly and the service is the best i have ever seen. Seriously, the people working there always say 'Hello' or 'Are you having a nice day?' every time you walk in, they are also really help full. Lush is very animal and environmentally friendly and all there bags are biodegradable, not only this but all there products are fresh and handmade. I have had tried the bubble bars, bath ballistics, fresh face masks and lip scrubs. I love their bath products so much that i won't have a bath without a bath ballistic or a bubble bar with me!!! They all have different types from popping candy to changing the colour of the water! They even just introduced their make-up line, which is expensive, to say the least, but the products look amazing! They also do really good gift boxes, which are full of bath stuff and other things, which i love! The face masks are fresh and really work and i don't think i could find a fault in their shop, except their slight overpricing but it's all fresh and handmade, with no animal testing, what can you expect?

 Bath Bomb - Honey Bee
 Bubble Bar - Magic Mushroom (how cute?)

Make Up
 Eyeliner - Calm
 Lipstick - Decisive

 Fresh Face Mask - Catastrophe Cosmetic (I know i go on and on about them but they are amazing!)

Gift Box - Bunty Pink

The Body Shop
Next is The Body Shop, it is always has a offer on (apart from when i seem to go in!), has it's own gorgeous signature scents (strawberry, shea and mango to name just a few) and, like Lush, has great products. I have tried their shower gels, body butters and lip butters and i love them all! My favourite scents are the Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Shea. It is priced quite similarly to Lush and also do their own make-up line! The lip butters are like water to the lips and i would really recommend them!

 Shower Gel - Sweet Lemon

 Hand cream - Wild Rose (meant to be really good!)

Body Butter - Vineyard Peach

Colour Crush Eyeshadow

Lip Butter - Pink Grapefruit

Body Mist - Vanilla (want this so much!)

To conclude the Lush V The Body Shop battle, i think for it's creative, exciting and forever changing products, Lush is the winner. Although The Body Shop has a wider range of products and some amazing staple smells, Lush is creative, new, animal and environmentally friendly, has good service and the smell when you walk in is to die for!!! I really recommend Lush and i don't think there is a single thing that you would be disappointed with if you bought something, so go get something now!!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The versatile blogger award

Hey! I've never been nominated for an award before, especially not a blogging award! It makes me feel like people are actually reading my blog and enjoying it, which makes me ecstatic, so thank you to you for reading it! Hannah from Remarkableramblings tagged me, so thank you to you too, so lets get going....

The rules are that you have to:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Select 15 blogs to nominate for this award
  • Tell the person who nominated you and your readers 7 things about yourself

My 15 bloggers are:

My 7 facts
  • I have a lazy, sloth of a dog who i love very much called Coco and i have a adorable mischievous siamese kitten called Dior, who i also love....
  • I love cooking and have watched (probably) every episode of The Great British Bake Off, am i cool, or what!?! (haha)
  • I am obsessed with ice cream and eat it basically every day from March - October!!! An unhealthy addiction, i know!
  • I love listening to music and couldn't live without my battered headphones!
  • I love geography and want to go all over the world travelling!!!
  • I have chosen Geography, Spanish, Textiles and Drama for GCSE
  • I love to shop and shop and shop......
Thanks again, Lois

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jack Wills

Hey! I have just been sent the Spring and Summer Jack Wills catalogues, yes I admit the spring one a few weeks before the Summer one, but your not interested in that. Anyway, I have been flicking through these and realised my love for Jack Wills even more (if you can get over the extortionate prices - which put me off purchasing all my wardrobe from it!). But would you pay for quality and design over quantity!?!
I love a good bargain, (I mean, who doesn't?) but I have to be buying something of good quality otherwise what's the point if its just going to fall apart in a few months? Jack Wills is good quality, I don't think you can argue with that, and it has very nice clothes (in my opinion).
I love the crew neck jumpers, they look very sailor like with their nautical stripes and casual fit, but they look warm and well fitting. They probably get used very often by the proud owners of these and are very versatile.

I love the bekeford twill jacket more than anything, it is absolutely amazing!!!! I tried on the colour 'Dark Khaki' and when it was on looked amazing (it doesn't look very good online). It fitted perfectely, suited me very well, was good quality, looked great and was just incredible!!! However, the price tag was not!!! At £79.50 i didn't buy it as it was simply too much, if it had been cheaper i would snapped it up immedialtly, but unfortunately it wasn't....

I also adore the tetwin phone cases they are really nice. They are padded to protect your phone, colourful and most of them have a plastic cover so they are easy to wipe clean. I own one of these and would reccomend them to anyone including you, at £9.50  they are pricy for a phone case but will last you forever.

I also love the tees, they are all so comfy and casual but look better than your average casual tee, they are good quality and have a good fit to them.

The final thing which is massively out of my price range is the penbury satchel, just so you don't get your hopes up it costs £229!!!!!! Some people who can afford this, go get it, the rest of us can only imagine!!! Its pure leather with brass detailing and is amazing quality!!! What else can say apart from that i love it!!!

I love this shop to pieces it is amazing and it annoys me soooooo much that the smallest size they do is a size 8 :( but some of the size 8 things do fit me!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Bird Skirt

Always having a gorgeous Spring collection at H&M is lucky for me but not so lucky for my purse, as I always buy ALOT there in Spring. Today was no exception and I came out, into the pouring rain, clutching my bag which held my new beauty! My bird print skater skirt!

It is a gorgeous white skater skirt with black swallows on, the black and white theme is very in this Summer and very classy. The material is quite thick and heavy so is great for the forever changing English weather! Is it hot, cold, windy, raining?!?

Anyway, it is very floaty and fun and I love the print. It goes in at the waist which means figures will not be lost with this skirt and will look great with tucked in tops!

It has a zip at the back which in my opinion makes it look more expensive than it was and makes it easier to put on.
H&M - Bird Skater Skirt - £12.99