Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My New School Bag

Hey!!! Guess what??? On Thursday, I'm going to the South of France and even though we haven't even booked our accommodation yet, I'm very excited! I am telling you this now because i will not be able to post for a week, but when i come back I'm definite that you will get a gorgeous, very long post about my holiday, but until then you will just have to settle for this post about my new school bag, as it's not long till i go back to school!!!

At the weekend i went to Westfield with one aim in mind, to buy a school bag for the new school year! So with a purse, a dad and a irritating brother i set off. The first shop we went into was Accessorize because i had a voucher for their that i had left over from my birthday. I spotted a few bags i liked from classic totes to glitzy clutches but one really stood out from the rest, it was this brown satchel. It was £32 but with my voucher, it was only £22 of which my dad very kindly paid half.

I absolutely love it! Its faux leather and is perfect for school, it's simple, spacious and easy to use. It's very classy and has a gold clasp and zip. It has a main section (which is the biggest), a zip section and three other sections. I am in love with it and can't wait to use it!

Have you got a new bag for school?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

D.I.Y. Your Room - Shabby Chic Chair

Hello!!!! Today i took a old wooden chair, that looked a bit drab, boring and...well...bad, and turned it into a shabby chic masterpiece with basically just a lick of paint! I love the new look of this chair and so i thought that for all those people with chairs that they hate, i would show you a quick and easy tutorial on how to make your chair shabby chic!

You Will Need:

 Before you start you will need to put down newspaper to stop the paint from dripping onto the floor. Paint the chair quite thinly and roughly with white paint. Instead of brushing it all on, i dabbed it on to give it a more rustic shabby look.

Next paint the seat or parts of the chair with a coloured paint i used a deep green colour, this time paint thicker and do not dab the paint on.

Using the sandpaper and file distress the chair. I advise mainly distressing corners and edges instead of the whole thing as it makes it look more realistic. 

This is the finished chair:

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial and i hope you try this out at home with your old chairs. If you have any suggestions for future posts or d.i.y's, please tell me in the comments below!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

D.I.Y. Your Room - Picture line

Hey Guys! This is the first of hopefully many 'D.I.Y. Your Room' posts, recently i have been feeling that my room is a bit plain and boring, so i thought i would jazz it up a bit, Jazz sounds like the type of thing a mum would say to try to be 'cool' and 'down with da kids!' but anyway i thought i would show you one of these d.i.y's!!! Today i have created a picture line thing, like a clothes line, but a picture version and it's really quick, easy and is extremely cheap at about £1.50, so here is how to do it!!!

You Will Need:
You will also need paint to paint the pegs with, i used three different blue and green shades of emulsion paint,  and newspaper to protect your table when you paint the pegs!
I got the string/twine from Wilkos for 65p, you get 50m!
I got the wooden pegs from Wilkos too for about £1!

Put newspaper down to protect your table/surface and then spread the pegs out on the newspaper.

I painted my pegs in a variety of blue and green pastel shades, but you can paint yours however you like them!

Using the drawing pins put up your string, i looped the string to make it look cuter!

I used pictures of my friends and pets and i also put a few postcards and badges on the line to add colour! And that's it! I really advise doing this quick d.i.y. as it's very easy, looks great and adds a bit of you to your room!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Week Away

 Hey! I'm back! You're probably thinking ' What do you mean ,BACK?'. Well, i went on holiday!!!! Not to some exotic Carribean Island or to a five star hotel in the centre of Venice, i went to Norfolk! It's not just old retired grannies and unpretictable weather you know!; well to start off with anyway! We left last week and went of to Norfolk, camping. I can never decide whether i love or hate camping but we went anyway! We stayed at a lovely campsite in a little village near Holkham, Norfolk. It was very near some beautiful beaches which we went to everyday of the 5 days (4 nights) we went for. On one of the days it was 30 degrees all day and we spent the whole day on the beach and swimming in the sea!The campsite was also very near to some salt marshes, which for some reason we only went to at night when they were pretty freaky! If you don't know what salt marshes are they are areas of land, mainly grass and mud that get swept with salt water from the sea in high tide, which makes them marshes of salty mud! One night we went to a very nice restaurant and had tapas on the terrace, looking out at the salt marshes, when these kids walked up the drive of the restaurant covered to their necks in mud, it was hilarious! The salt marshes were very pretty though and i took lots of photos of them! Here we are:

 Despite some gorgeous weather, one day it absolutely chucked it down and we were cooking bacon in a frying pan at the time, when it started to tip it down we ran for cover in the car and watched as our bacon rapidly drowned in 2 inches of water, which was not the highlight of the holiday or the meal! Also, at Norfolk in a very nearby town called 'Burnham', we found a Jack Wills which had a massive sale on and i just couldn't resist myself! I spent about half an hour trying on different clothes to come to the sad conclusion that there wern't any i wanted. But, i did find a bracelet which i had had my eye on for a long time, which was reduced from £9.50 to £3.50!!!!! And i bought some earplugs too reduced from £14.50 to £6!!!!!! And a postcard! Here we are: 

 After Norfolk we made our way to my dads friends house as he was having a party! The party was great and i ate so much food i thought i would explode! And the adults drank so much alcohol i thought they would fall over! It was a great party and the adults got extremmely drunk which was hilarious as they were dancing and talking nonsense and raving in the kitchen till 3:30 in the morning! We slept the night and then went off to collect Hollie (From Alittleprickly). With Hollie in the car and the car packed up we set off to Lytham, next to Blackpool, to go to the last night of Lytham Proms to see Conor Maynard and Rita Ora peform! We arrived sent up the tent and then went off to see the sea which was about a metre away from the concert! We then went to a restraunt to Ego and me and Hollie got a Spanish Share Platter, my dad prawns and my brother a 14inch pizza!!! The food was gorgeous and so was the concert which we went to next! Here are some pics from the concert (My videos will not upload Hollie may do a post with some videos on):

We stayed for 2 nights at the campsite in Lytham. The day after the concert it tipped it down and so we went to Blackpool and went to about 5 different arcades which my brother dragged us in, while he wasted more and more money as time went on! That morning we had been to Greggs and i tried my frist Latte, i had to put 6 sugars in but it was really nice, i had one the next morning too! We went to Lytham St Annes that day too as the weather cleared up and found a beautiful pier and beach and had a picnic on the promenade. The next day we went back too St Annes and went on some pedalows, which were really fun and then went down to another beach, had a another picnic and then went home! The pier and beach at Lytham St Annes was really pretty so prepare yourself for a overload of pictures:

Hope you enjoyed the post, its a little different from my usual beauty and fashion posts and i enjoyed writing it, also i have got bloglovin! I have had it for quite a while but have only just figured out how to use it so...... Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Please!!!!!!