Monday, 29 April 2013


I own two blazers and never wear them, simply because they are too smart and too 'I'm going to work in a big fancy office, with lots of coffee!' rather than 'Country walk, here i come!'. But i thought i would do a little research into blazer loving outfits and here we have blazer galore......
Do you like these blazers? Which ones are your favourites?
I can't decide which is my fave, i love them all!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beyonce Concert!!!

Hey guys, when my dad said yesterday 'Lois, i might buy these Beyonce tickets for tonight, do you want to go?' after a few questions like 'are you kidding?' and 'where is it?', I literally screamed the house down, well it was more of a shriek because i have such a high voice, but you get how excited i was!!! And for good reason too!!!!
It was her Mrs Carter show and was last night at the nec in Birmingham, Beyonce came on at nine. It was absolutely amazing, not only is Beyonce an amazing singer, she is also an amazing dancer and puts so much energy and effort into everything she does, making seeing her in concert even better as she didn't just sing she danced and did a bit of chatting to the audience too! She changed outfits a few times throughout the performance, each outfit as beautiful and bold as the next. During her outfit changes videos were shown of her, with each video relating and leading up to the next few songs. And there were a lot of songs!!! She is so inspirational and was amazing to watch. She sang some of her famous hits such as Single Ladies and Crazy in love, with her final song being Halo from her award winning album 'Halo'!!!
The camera does not do our seats justice, as it makes us look like we were 3 times further away then we actually were, but here are some pics and videos i took when i was there:
Have you ever been to a concert? Who do you go see?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

What i adore - denim

Hey!!! I'm adoring denim at the moment, if i hadn't of just bought a denim jacket i would probably explode (maybe a slight exaggeration) from the lack of denim in my wardrobe!!! By looking in the shops i think it is going to be hot this Summer, which meant there was a wide variety of denim jackets to choose from, which was lucky for me, but so not lucky for my dad and brother who had to witness me trying on every single jacket i could find....who for the record HATE shopping!! Anyway, my recent obsession with denim has brought me to writing this post and looking for DENIM...Here are some of the favourite things i found!!!

Polka dots are really cute, pastel blue is perfect for Spring, denim is in....this shirt is all these and CROPPED, i love cropped tops and its a shirt with rolled up sleeves making it casual and smart!!! I would actually buy this if it wasn't £35!!! I would wear it with a floral skirt or skinnies and of course some ballet flats! -Topshop - MOTO spot crop denim shirt - £35

Cute or what!?! This dark denim shirt dress is cute and can be worn with basically anything at basically anytime (with the right accessories). It is vintage with it's slightly washed denim and vintage buttons, but this just makes it better. The STUDS on the collar tone down the cuteness and make it more edgy! Its collar is also really cute! - River Island - Mid wash chelsea denim shirt dress - £30

Now to New Look for a more reasonable price and of course i couldn't write about denim without including jeans, but i thought why not bright red jeans? I have always loved them! They are great with a white cardigan in Summer! - New Look - Red supersoft skinny jeans - £19.99

These high waisted letter print shorts are sleek, funky and cool. I love the black and white to emphise the lettering and they are a real statement piece! Show off your waist girl and tuck a top into these high waisted shorts! - Topshop - MOTO letter print hotpants - £32

Denim shirts are great for those casual summer days, they are cute and fashionable and often have old buttons to give them a vintage look, this sleeveless shirt is pretty and classic. Wear tucked in to shorts or a skater skirt with ballet pumps! - Forever 21 - Sleeveless denim shirt - £18.75

Monday, 22 April 2013

What i adore - Songs + Singers

Hey! This is once again a new section to my blog called What i adore, where you will see what i have been adoring each month, this months it's singers and songs!!! Like lots of people (i hope - or is just me and my friends!?!) i love to bust out a quick hip swiggle or a little singing, even though i'm not the most talented at it (my singing has been compared to a sheep before!). Music can be in all different genres for all different personalities (maybe your personality is reflected in the type of music you like!?!), anyway, i thought i would tell you about my favourite singers.

In the past couple of months i have been loving Emeli Sande, her songs have so much meaning and i love that she writes them herself, because even though i like some of those 'generated' artists, i love it when they do what they want with their music! She is amazing at singing too and she is British, could she be any better? Winning Best British Female and British Album at The Brit Awards just shows how amazing she actually is! My favourite songs of hers are 'Clown' and 'Daddy'. There are some tasters below.

Another artist i have been loving is Taylor Swift, she is really down to Earth and her songs are really relate-able. She gives lots of her money to charity and is always helping out with good causes. And she can sing, writes her own songs and is beautiful. No wonder she made nearly every girl in the World jealous when she started going out with Harry Styles! I have her CD 'Red' and i love it, however after listening to her songs about a million times (like i do) you may get a bit sick of them. My favourite songs of hers are State of grace, and Treacherous. 

My final artist has to be Rihanna, she is stylish, she is good at singing and her songs are amazing. She makes to many albums to count, but I have 'loud' and 'talk that talk' and I love both CDs and although talk that talk is a bit rude, I need to give her some credit for creating such good CDs. Also, she more upbeat (most of the time) than the other singers I have mentioned. My favourite songs by her are 'complicated' and 'farewell'.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Top 5 Spring nail varnishes

Spring is where all my favourite clothes, colours and styles come into shops and fashion. As i love the pastels  of Spring i thought i would show you some of my favourite nail varnishes for this time of the year, Spring!

I absolutley love Spring colours, pastels are probably my favourite colours no matter what time of year it is so when Spring comes the colours alone are enough to get me excited, even without the warmer weather!
Ceramic blues are lovely toned down blues, they are great to wear with anything, but i think bright florals and other brights look great with them.
Pastel pinks are very pretty and girly and although many layers need to be applied before you get a fully opaque look they are gorgeous yet subtle when you do.
Eye-popping pinks are next and i was torn between putting them in Spring or Summer but i thought they would mix up all these pastels. They are beautiful and sometimes include a little red.
Pastel turqousies are a colour which i am not that familiar with but they are very elegant and classy, yet fun and girly!
Bright grassy greens are definetly noticeable and are a difference to all the pinks and reds, i mean how often do you see someone with GREEN NAILS? When actually this colour is very nice and girly!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Huge collective holiday haul!!!!!

Hey! I have been shopping, again!!!! And it's the holidays!!! And i bought a lot!!! From all different places!!!(which doesn't really deserve exclamation marks, but just following the pattern!). So I think it's safe to say this post has a very appropriate name, if I do say so myself!!! Also, i think this ties in quite nicely with my previous post 'The shopaholic tag!'. When I was shopping I came across a shop, which I now love and I will do a new discovery post about it soon, but for now I will show you what I bought in order of when i bought it. This is probably the best selection of things i have ever bought, so you will see what I'm into throughout it!

 Firstly i went into River Island, which i love, but some funny reason i don't own anything from there, anyway i bought this stripy T-shirt, it has a bobbly texture, which is quite unusual and gives it an authentic look. Also, it is quite loose fitting but still kinda of shows your figure (if that makes sense!?!) I have really been loving this type of T-shirt recently because they are really comfy, but in my opinion look really good. I have also been loving the very popular rolled up sleeves look. It is casual yet stylish and at only £10 from River Island could it get any better?

I was shopping in Manchester and we trailed round so many shops trying to find a denim jacket that i made sure that when i found it, it was perfect. This faded denim cropped jacket from New Look was the one for me! It's gorgeous and goes with the top above really well. Also, it is great for Spring/Summer as it protects you from the wind, but it's not to thick and warm so you boil up! It looks really cute if you use it dress down a dress or comfortable and casual with a simple tee (like above). Its very cheap too at only £17.99 from New Look.

The next item is from a shop i have recently discovered called Bank! It's a pair of the most gorgeous ballet pumps i have ever seen!!! I saw them and thought I NEED THEM!!!!! They are QUILTED, STUDDED, have BOWS and are a creamy beige colour, i love quilts, studs and bows, so to mix them together and put them into a BALLET PUMP.....I'm speechless!!! They are padded too so are really comfortable unlike some ballet pumps. They look cute and stylish and would go with basically anything (probably except more beige). I will probably wear them with skinnies or a floral skirt, maybe denim shorts. They are £18 from Bank and are definitely my favourite purchase!

Finally i went to JACK WILLS!!!! I signed up to their catalogues a few weeks ago and i have been obsessed with looking through these, ever since they came, the photography and clothes is so good and interesting even if you are not a big fan of Jack Wills, so i advised you go sign up to them now, it's free! Anyway, the point is i have been wanting a Jack Wills tee for ages and i finally got the chance to buy one, when we went to their Abersoch branch last week. It is very loose fitting, comfy ad slightly cropped. It is a gorgeous navy blue colour and is perfect for Summer, especially for chucking over a bikini! It is a bit like the River Island top in that even though it is loose fitting it still shows your figure!?! It is quite expensive at £24.50 from Jack Wills, but i prefer a few good quality things i love, then loads of poor quality things, but that's just me.

My other purchase from Jack Wills is this abstract colourful floral phone case, it is gorgeous. You can just tell that it is going to last forever, it's such good quality and if you are going to be using a lot like me it better be easy to clean; the plasticy layer over the fabric makes it just so. It is £9.50 from (you guessed it) Jack Wills.

I tried to but i just couldn't resist the 3 for 2 mix andMaybelline Color Show Nail Varishes. It is this gorgeous deep turquoise blue colour called 'Urban Turquoise' which has a very appropriate name. I am currently wearing it and it looks slightly greener on my nails then it did in the bottle, but it is still a beautiful colour. It applied really easily and was very cheap at only  £2.99, i am very tempted to go buy some more!
match offer on all make up at Boots and i'm a real sucker for a sale or offer, so i came out clutching 3 new products to add to my collection. The first is one of the

The next item is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer, which i have heard is meant to be great for under the eyes.I am looking forward to trying this as i have never used a Bourjois product before,but i can't tell you what i think of it because i haven't tried it yet, but i will probably do a review on it another time. All i can tell you is it smells AMAZING!!! It was quite pricey at £7.49, compared to my Collection 2000 concealer.

The final thing i bought is the Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil, i have never used an eye brow pecil before and with this being one of the cheapest on the market i thought i would try it, i mean it was free with the other two, why not get it, but it is normally £2.99.

Rethinking back to the start of this post it says 'so you will probably see what i am into throughout this post'. I'm also into Alex Pettyfer, but unfortunately i don't think he is for sale!!!

How to make the perfect pancakes

I love pancakes, i will jump to any oppurtunity i have to make pancakes, so most weekends! There is simply not enough time on a school day, bowl of cereal and i'm off! Some people only eat pancakes on Pancake day, but why, when you can have them all year round? This is why this post is going up now not when it was pancake day (it's not just because i was too lazy to take the pictures!). So lets get pancaking!?!
You need:
Plain Flour, 2 eggs, milk, oil, a frying pan, whisk, spatula, ladle, olive oil and your toppings (lemon and sugar for me!).

First you have to mix an egg, some milk and some plain flour, start with the egg and milk, then add the flour till the consistency feels smooth, but not too runny or too solid, it needs to be so you can just about tilt it to cover the pan. Then whisk it.
Next, you have to pour a bit of oil into a frying pan and heat it till it is as hot as Alex Peterfer!

Then turn the heat down to as low as possible without it being off and immediately add just less than a ladle of your mixture to the pan and tilt the pan, so the mixture is spread around the whole base of the pan.

Leave it took cook, it should take a few minutes but check the underneath until it is golden brown. While you are waiting you could read a magazine, get your plates ready or do anything.

Then flip the pancake over and cook until both sides are golden brown, transfer your pancake to a plate and add your toppings, i like lemon and sugar, but you could add: Mayple Syrup, chocolate sauce, whipped cream?