Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bath Time!

I absolutely love baths, not only are they calm and relaxing, they are a place to turn water into an adventure of colours and scents. I wouldn't really say I am a bath person, but not a shower person either, I like both, but find a shower a quick and lazy alternative to an bath, so when I have time and can be bothered, I tend to go for a bath.
As most people, I like to wash my hair in the bath, I use a variety of products to do this and they often change depending what is on offer or what looks good at the time. However, at the moment I have been tending to use, two different shampoos and a conditioner. I use the L'Oreal elvive nutri-gloss light shine shampoo, which is very good (as the name suggests) at making your hair shine, however it doesn't make your hair that soft and definitely does not de-tangle it, so I only use it to give my hair shine. The other shampoo I use is the Head and Shoulders 'apple fresh' and I love this so much. I think most people think this is only for people with dandruff, but its not, it works on anyone. It de-tangles your hair, gives it a long-lasting apple scent (which I love) and the best thing about it is that it makes your hair the softest hair in the world, seriously this stuff is amazing! Then I use a conditioner, which at the moment is the L'Oreal elvive anti-dandruff 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, there isn't much I can say about this, it does its job, not a great one, but it does its job. Also, I have just bought the Herbal Essences Conditioner, which I have used before and loved, it makes your hair feel as light as a feather,it hydrates it, it makes it really shine and it makes it soft, however, it can feel slightly gluey and dry when you apply it, but after you have rinsed it out, it is amazing.
After I have used my collection of hair products, I go on to body and face. I use The Body Shop shower gels, which I currently have in satsuma, and just put all over me. I love these because they give you soft skin and they smell fruity and fresh. Then I use the Clearasil ultra rapid action daily gel wash, which I use to try to get rid of any annoying spots or blackheads and I really recommend it, it reduces the redness and the size, also it's quite cheap. Finally for face products, if I'm lucky (because they are quite expensive and there isn't a Lush near me),I will use the fresh face masks, from lush, I love the blueberry one called catastrophe cosmetic as it gets rid (almost) of any spots and it freshens and hydrates my face, also it wakes you up, as you keep it in the fridge, so when you apply it, it is freezing!

In my bath i always have bath bombs or bubbles etc. I love the Lush bubble bars, so i always crumble a little bit of one of these into my bath, as they create so many bubbles. I also sometimes use the bath ballistics from Lush too, you put them in the water after you have ran your bath, and they dissolve and turn your bath water different colours and different scents, they are amazing, i even had one with popping candy in! Like all Lush products they smell amazing and come in all different types, colours and smells.
Last but not least, I use a pumice stone on the base of my feet, to get rid of any dead skin cells, and to make them overall smoother.
What do you like to use in the bath?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nail or Fail!?!

I love painting my nails all different colours and patterns, so when I went to buy a nail varnish at Boots and couldn't decide which brand to choose, I thought I would do a little test. I painted my nails with a base coat, then chose 5 different nail varnish brands and painted a nail on each hand, in that colour from the brand, to find out which brand was the best long-lasting nail varnish brand. Then applied another coat and then applied a top coat. I then left this on my nails for a week , so I could see the effect over time.
Right Hand - The brands left to right are Maybelline, Rimmel, L'Oreal, Miss Sporty and the thumb is Barry M.

Left Hand - The brands left to right are Barry M, Maybelline, Rimmel, L'Oreal and the thumb is Miss Sporty.

As you can tell all of them have chipped slightly, but some more than others.
Miss Sporty has chipped but only slightly, however it has become rough and has chipped all around the edge instead of just at the top.
L'Oreal has also only slightly chipped and is still smooth, however it has become slightly see-through, which may be because I used such a light shade.
Maybelline is basically the same as the L'Oreal nail varnish,except it has not gone see-through.
Barry M has chipped a lot but only at the top of the nail, however the remaining nail varnish is very good.
Rimmel has chipped the most, I think this is because the nail varnish seems very thin (not see-through), which would make it fragile to chipping.
Overall, in my opinion the best is the l'Oreal nail varnish or the Miss Sporty nail varnish.
What is your favourite nail varnish brand?

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Topshop wish list

I never really paid any attention to the products in Topshop as it is quite expensive and the clothes looked quite unusual at a first glance, but recently I have been loving Topshop. And I have just bought some shorts from there, which I included in my shopping post. And now, since Zoella did a £500 Topshop gift voucher giveaway, I have been creating quite a list of things I love from there, and I thought I would share the list with you. Firstly, is the very popular 'geek' t-shirt which I love in burgundy, I think it is cute, yet bold and I just love the turned up sleeves. Also, at only £18, which is alot for a t-shirt, but not for topshop, I think it is amazing.
My absolute favourite thing from Topshop though has to be the jeans, I don't own a pair but I want to. They actually fit me as skinny jeans, they are good quality and have a wide collection of styles and colours, but the pair I want are the Leigh bleached skinny jeans, but the amazingness of these jeans means, unfortunately, that they don't come cheap and at £38, it will take me a while to save up, but that is what I'm doing!
Not that interesting this one, but I want one of them anyway, it's the basic strappy vests, as I have been looking for some vests and I think they would be the best at Topshop, also at only £6 each or 2 for £10, they are unlike the other things on my list, cheap!
And last but not least is the lace collar top, which I think is very feminine and is good for spring. I have just been loving lace and I think that this is the perfect piece for my spring wardrobe, I like the shape of it too and the collar gives it an edgey, more in fashion look, which i have also been loving. However I did want it in navy, even though I have too many navy things, but I don't think they do it in navy anymore! And it costs £16 and you know where from.

What are your favourite items in Topshop?

This or that!?! - beauty tag

I found this tag on a American bloggers YouTube videos and I loved it, however it is American so I have had to change a few of the questions, but almost all of them are the same.


Jeans or tracksuits bottoms?
Jeans, I love jeans (especially skinny) and I hate tracksuits bottoms, not matter how comfy they are.

Long sleeve or short sleeve tops?
Short sleeve, more tops are short sleeves and I think they look better, also you are not always fiddling with the sleeves.

Dresses or skirts?
Skirts, although I love dresses I can never find the right time to wear them, casually, so I prefer skirts, they can add a girly side to a things like leather jackets too.

Stripes or plaid?
I prefer stripes, don't know why, I just do!

Flip flops or sandals?
Flip flops, sandals are such a faf to get on and off at the beach.

Scarves or hats?
Scarves, because they can be worn at any time, for decoration or warmth.

Necklace or bracelets?
I love both, but I own more bracelets and wear them more often, so probably bracelets.

Heels or flats?
Flats, they are much more comfortable, are easy to slip on and off and look good, plus heels are really unpractical.

Jackets or hoodies?
Hoodies, they are comfy and warm, but jackets can be warm, I would say it depends on the look of the hoodie/jacket.

Topshop or River Island?
Topshop, I love the jeans so much and they do a wide variety of clothes, however I do love some things at River Island, like a white lace dress they sell.

Abercrombie or Hollister?
I don't know, I prefer the look of Abercrombie clothes, but Hollister is cheaper and I own more things from there, but I don't know.


Curly or straight?
I love both, but It takes a while to curl my hair.

Bun or ponytail?
Ponytail, although I like messy buns, I can't do them very well, but I wear ponytails often and can look casual or smart.

Bobby pins or butterfly clip?
Bobby pins, I wear them nearly everyday, and although I always lose them, they are essential and you can do so many styles in your hair with them.

Long or short?
Long, but I like short sometimes too.

Hairspray or gel?
Hairspray, I occasionally use it, but never use hair gel.

Light or dark?
I love both.


Blusher or bronzer?
Blusher, i don't even own bronzer, but i do blusher and i like it and i think it gives you a happy look.

Lip gloss or lipstick?
Lipgloss, as you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and it makes your lips look nice, without people telling you have it on (hopefully), whereas lipstick is much more of a bold statement.

Eyeliner or mascara?
I'm torn on this one, as i love eyeliner, but i use mascara all the time.

Foundation or concealer?
Concealer, but i don't really use either, anymore.

Neutral or coloured eyeshadow?
Neutral, or subtle tones anyway.

Brushes or sponges?
I don't use either.


Rimmel or Maybelline?
Maybelline, but i am starting to like the Rimmel nail varnishes too.

Long or short?
Mid-length, I wouldn't say really short but i don't like them extremely long either.

Brights or darks?
Brights in summer, darks in winter.


Perfume or body spray?
Perfume, as i love the different bottles.

Shower gel or soap?
Shower gel, as its easier and quicker.

Lush or The Body shop?
Lush, because i love their bath things and their fresh face masks, also they are really environmentally friendly.


Rain or sunshine?
Sunshine, its happy and bright, who likes rain!

Summer or Winter?
Summer, fun, long nights, holidays and sun.

Spring or Autumn?
Spring, its my birthday and i love the colourful buds on the trees and the first signs of summer and warmth.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
I tag, Hannah at Remarkable Ramblings and Bronia at bronia's bubble. Sorry, its so long too, but it took me longer to write then you to read! Leave your this or that below in the comments.

Topshop, New look and Boots Haul

I have been out doing my favourite thing, Shopping! My friends and i went shopping on Saturday and went to amongst other shops, Boots, Topshop and New look, but these are the only shops where i purchased products. My favourite thing i bought was from Topshop, it's a pair of denim hotpant shorts, as hopefully spring and summer are on their way! They have a frayed hem and are bleached denim, the denim is really soft too, and they have loads of spacey pockets, which are really useful and they are great for everyday, casual wear.
 The next shop we went into was Boots, because me and my friend needed some hair grips and Boots sells good strong hair grips, that aren't that costly, as i always seem to loose them anyway, there is no need to buy expensive ones. Also, i wanted to get the new Rimmel Apocalips and all Rimmel cosmetics are currently 3 for 2, so i couldn't resist and ended up buying 3 items from Rimmel. The first is currently the most raved about product, it's the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer. I got the shade celestial and i was expecting something quite amazing, because so many people love it, but you will have to wait for my full review of it yet, as i have only just got it. I also got the scandaleyes eyeliner from Rimmel, as i already have the nude one and i really like it so i thought i would get the black one too. The last thing i got from Boots is one of the new Rimmel nail varnishes,they are called cocktail colour and i heard Fleurdeforce talking about them and the colours looked really nice. There are 3 shades and all shimmer, i got Hawaiian Punch, which is like a redy-pinky colour, with a glittery shimmer, its a twist on the classic pink nail varnish.

The last shop was New Look where i wanted to get some knee high socks, as they are perfect for spring weather conditions, the only ones i could find were these plain black ones, but they were 2 pairs for £2.99 which was a bargain, so i got them. The final thing was from the teen section, it's a navy blue and white wide horizantal striped top, with 3/4 length sleeves and it is slightly cropped and looks great with the shorts, also it was another baragin at only £4.99.

As you can probably tell summer was heavly in my mind, when i purchased these items, what are you buying for summer?

Superdry Make-Up

Superdry have just released their new products into their beauty range. Since now the beauty collection has only consisted of perfumes and nail varnishes, but today they added many make-up essentials to the collection.In keeping with the brands young, cool image, the products really do look the part, they look fun, bright and perfect for teenagers.
They say its 'affordable luxury' and at about £2 above the average Rimmel or Maybelline product, i can't diasgree. As i say, the collection is only make-up essentials, so no concealer or foundation, but i think that and the limited different shades are the only faults and maybe the price too, depending on your price range for make-up. The lip glazes and the blushers are the most appealing to me. The lip glazes come in a variety of 5 shades and have a smooth, easy application giving long lasting even coverage. The sweet vanilla smell is also a real turn on for me, as i just love the smell of vanilla and am currently searching high and low for a vanilla scented body spray!
For a bolder look, they do 3 different shades of lip paint. It is very soft and the lips and unlike most lipsticks does not dry up and it's long lasting. The shade flamingo is my favourite!
As you expect from Superdry, the packaging is bright, colourful and full of fun, but simple and cool at the same time. I just love the vibrant pink make-up brush!

Beauty Vending Machine

 Get beauty products at the push of a button, with the new beauty vending machine set up by Beauty Mart at Harvey Nichols in London. The vending machine helps you get beauty products, without all the hassle.Yes, last summer, Chanel used a vending machine to hold their nail varnishes but Harvey Nichols has created a permanent machine of its own.
It has a selection of over 100 beauty brands, which Beauty Mart has spread out throughout 32 themed bags. The bags range from £3.45 to £98. The bags all vary and all have different themes. The love and peace bag contains a jurlique love balm and a peace candle. But my favourite theme has to be the fashion emergency bag, which includes a mini batiste dry shampoo, Miss Oops mishaptape and rescue sponge and Models own nail transfers. The vintage glamour bag with Eyelure false lashes and red lipstick, also seems like a glamorous bag. There are also bags with just single products in, but that just looses the fun, if you ask me!
Also, if you are not sure what to get, there is a touch screen to scroll through each bag and gives you a low down on the products inside and what they do.

Estee Lauder Heavy Petals Nail Laquer - Spring 2013

Even though with the freezing temperatures and the blanket of snow across the ground, it seems like winter to me, but Estee Lauder have just realesed their new Spring 2013 collection, of which the nail varnish looks amazing!
Inspired by the city of Paris as it comes alive in Spring, it's a collection of pastels, created by the the playful mood and aray of colours in the city of Paris as it blooms to life in spring. I love the elegant, let sleek and modern bottle and makes the colours look very classy, too.
There are a wide range of colours but for me my favourite is the absinthe, it's the mint green coloured laquer and is perfect for spring, i also quite like the pastel blue (dilettante) and the coral (coral cult). However, i think some of the colours such as the pastel purple and pinks and are bit same, same old and i will not be purchasing them, but i will hopefully purchse the absinthe one soon, as on their website you get free delivery and two free samples with any purchse.

Lush Review

Over the last couple of weeks i have created quite a collection of Lush products and thought that i would tell you all about them. The reason i love Lush so much, apart from the smell, is that they use fresh, natural ingredients and i find their stuff actually works! 
 The best thing i have tried from Lush so far, are their face masks, i have the 'catastrophe cosmetic' one and this is the only one i have ever used, but i think it's so good and i am hoping to try another type soon. I think it really wakes you for a start and it is really refreshing, and it really makes your face glow. Also i think it is really good for making spots almost invisible, so i really recommend it. I tend to only use it once a week though, as i think it is effective enough.
Now, if you tried the bath products from Lush then you'll know what i'm going on about and if you haven't, why not? The bubble bars smell amazing and if you put the whole thing in, you will have the same amount of bubbles as water! The bath ballistics are also good, i wouldn't say they are as good as the bubble bars, as i love a bubbly bath, but they do make the water smell amazing and some of them are really cool, like i had one the other day that has popping candy in it!
And last but not least, is their lip scrubs, i have the bubblegum and although it smells and tastes amazing, i am still undecided about this product. I really can't decide whether it actually does the job or not and therefore i can't really advise you on them.
However, overall i really do love Lush!
Do you have anything from Lush, that you love?

December Favourites

As Christmas has just passed i have quite a few favourites this month, some of them being presents that i recieved at Christmas. I wil do beauty favourites first. There are quite a few Rimmel products, so i will start with them. First is from Kate Moss's collection she did with them, i have the shade 'rossetto', its a classic redy-pinky colour but with a bit of shimmer. Next is their lasting finish soft colour blush, i have the shade 'live pink' and is a very bright pink colour, so it looks very bright, but i have pinkish cheeks, so it works on my cheeks. And the last but not least Rimmel product is their new scandaleyes eyeliner in nude, which is different to the classic black but is very good for school (which is why i bought it). I have another eyeliner in my favourites this month, its a Miss Sporty one, which was very cheap and it works really well. 
 The next favourite was a present but it is amazing, so i had to put it in even thought i haven't used it that much yet for obvious reasons. Its the Elizabeth Arden high shine lip gloss in the shade 'shimmering rose'. It's light pink and as the name suggests it shimmers. Similar to this but cheaper is the glam shine lip gloss from L'oreal in the shade 'sheer framboise', its roughly the same but slightly brighter, however its slightly sticky and gloopy. Also from L'oreal is the new colour infallible eyeshadow in 'permanent kaki' it's a lovely army type colour. Finally, Jack Wills lip balm in aloe vera and mint it really does look after your lips, it's even got SPF 30, which is no good in this weather, but it will be in summer, if we're lucky!
Now i will do random favourites. I have been loving Taylor Swift's new album called 'red', it's really good and i just love the lyrics. My favourite song on it is 'The Lucky One', you should check it out. The next favourite is a bit weird but its jelly beans, i'm totally in love with them, i really want to try out the bean boozled ones, in which you pick a jelly bean and it either tastes amazing or disgusting, like rotten egg (ew!). Also i have been loving (another present) Just Dance 4, it has some great dances and songs on it and it even has a section on fitness and kcls and things, i'm even thinking of getting gangam style on it.
The next three things are from Accessorize, i have recently been obsessed with this shop, they have some amazing things for winter time, they are so warm. So, first is a pair of navy blue fingerless gloves which can turn into mittens and a pair of slipper boots i think they are the space dye ones. The final thing from there is not very interesting but the socks are so soft and cosy.
What are your favourite things this month?