Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Festival Outfit Ideas!

Hey guys! With Glastonbury just finished and the festival season just beginning i thought it the perfect time to do a festival outfit ideas post as i just love all the boho, cute and fun festival outfits. So i thought i would give your festival inspiration, so here we are:
This outfit is warm and yet edgy with the cropped top. It is very wearable and very comfy!
Jeans - Topshop - £38
Cropped spotty top - Topshop - £8 (sale)
Gilet - Primark - £8 or £12

With a warm cosy hoodie and denim shorts where can you go wrong? It's cute and comfy and perfect for festivals, although you may need a coat too!
Shorts - Topshop - £22
T-shirt - River Island - £10
Hoodie - Abercrombie & Fitch - Gift
Belt - Charity Shop - 50p
Socks - New Look - ?

This outfit is water and party proof, it is very cute and you can't say festival more than florals.
Skirt - Marks & Spencers - Gift
Shirt - New Look - £12.99
Coat - Helly Hansen - ?
Socks - New Look - ?

My wellies are Dunlop and are their classic green colour. I love Hunter wellies but would never pay that much for a pair of wellies, these are just simple and go with everything! I can't remember how much they cost.

Are you going to a festival this year?


  1. Coolio Lois!!!!
    Hollie xx

  2. These are adorable! liking outfit 1 and 3!

  3. Thanks!!! Outfit 1 is my favourite!

  4. I love those outfits Lo! You look awesome, I like outfit 1 the best!
    From BeatBoxinBeth

  5. Why thank you 'BeatBoxinBeth' that is my favourite outfit too!