Monday, 17 June 2013

New Discovery - Brandy Melville

Hey guys! First of all let me start by saying sorry for not posting in ages but i have been really busy and life have just got on top of me but i am back now and will start posting frequently, again! Anyway, i have discovered a new shop and i thought you guys might like it too. It's Brandy Melville!!! I know this is an American shop and it's probably very hard to get hold of any of their clothes as their only shop in the UK is in London but i have seen a billion and one youtubers rave about this shop and i am just in love with their website! should know by now what comes next but if you don' are some of the clothes i have been loving from Brandy Melville (well their website anyway!)....

As soon as i saw this top i immediately thought of my friends!!! (sorry guys!) It is a white stretchy crop top and has side slits which in my opinion make it even cuter! I love this top sooo much and have definitely thought about buying it, that was if i knew how! Pair with denim shorts or a skater skirt to cover that little more stomach! Carolina Stay Weird Top - $18 - £11.50

Next is this long over sized cardigan, it looks really comfy and casual and could easily be used to dress down a dress or to keep you warm in shorts and a tee! I think if i bought it i would take it everywhere with me in spring, summer and autumn! Wear with ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!!! Oriana Knit - $59 - £38 

Now you know i am obsessed with my floral skirts and i am even more obsessed with this skirt!!! Yes, it is a bit short but i love it all the more! It goes in at the waist which makes it very figure welcome and has a puffy, skater, pleated type of fall on the legs, i absolutely love it! Wear with a cropped, short shouldered tee or a blouse tucked in. Luma Skirt - $30 - £19

This criss-crossed back dress with a flowy skirt is perfect for Summer!!! It is very casual and classic yet the criss-cross back makes a bit unique, i love it! It could be dressed up with strappy heels or dressed down with docs and lots of bracelets and wristbands! Bethan Dress - $30 - £19

Next, accessories, Brandy has a giant collection of gorgeous rucksacks each being as beautiful as each other!!! They are perfect for school or for a day out! They vary from $35 to $55 - £22 to £35 Here are some of my favourite ones:
Hope you saw something you liked or like me discovered a new shop to love and waste even more money in!!!


  1. I have heard so many good things about this brand recently :)

  2. I LOVE the first top!!!! I guess you thought right as I instantly thought 'wow that sums up alot!!!!!'
    Hollie xx

  3. I know, i love that top!!! And yes i've heard oads about the brand too!