Tuesday, 13 August 2013

D.I.Y. Your Room - Picture line

Hey Guys! This is the first of hopefully many 'D.I.Y. Your Room' posts, recently i have been feeling that my room is a bit plain and boring, so i thought i would jazz it up a bit, Jazz sounds like the type of thing a mum would say to try to be 'cool' and 'down with da kids!' but anyway i thought i would show you one of these d.i.y's!!! Today i have created a picture line thing, like a clothes line, but a picture version and it's really quick, easy and is extremely cheap at about £1.50, so here is how to do it!!!

You Will Need:
You will also need paint to paint the pegs with, i used three different blue and green shades of emulsion paint,  and newspaper to protect your table when you paint the pegs!
I got the string/twine from Wilkos for 65p, you get 50m!
I got the wooden pegs from Wilkos too for about £1!

Put newspaper down to protect your table/surface and then spread the pegs out on the newspaper.

I painted my pegs in a variety of blue and green pastel shades, but you can paint yours however you like them!

Using the drawing pins put up your string, i looped the string to make it look cuter!

I used pictures of my friends and pets and i also put a few postcards and badges on the line to add colour! And that's it! I really advise doing this quick d.i.y. as it's very easy, looks great and adds a bit of you to your room!


  1. I really like this post! I think it is my favorite one of yours so far! The picture line looks great in your room and I can't wait to see it in the flesh!

    1. Thanks! I got inspiration from your D.I.Y's!

    2. Thanks! Have you seen my room since it has been almost completely covered in photos and collages and drawings?
      What else do you think you will D.I.Y your room with?

    3. I saw it with a few collages on it but not since it has been completely covered, but it sounds pretty cool, i will have to see it! I was thinking about doing a glitter tea lights thing and i'm not sure what else yet!

    4. Yes, you will have to see it!
      That sounds like a good idea!