Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My New School Bag

Hey!!! Guess what??? On Thursday, I'm going to the South of France and even though we haven't even booked our accommodation yet, I'm very excited! I am telling you this now because i will not be able to post for a week, but when i come back I'm definite that you will get a gorgeous, very long post about my holiday, but until then you will just have to settle for this post about my new school bag, as it's not long till i go back to school!!!

At the weekend i went to Westfield with one aim in mind, to buy a school bag for the new school year! So with a purse, a dad and a irritating brother i set off. The first shop we went into was Accessorize because i had a voucher for their that i had left over from my birthday. I spotted a few bags i liked from classic totes to glitzy clutches but one really stood out from the rest, it was this brown satchel. It was £32 but with my voucher, it was only £22 of which my dad very kindly paid half.

I absolutely love it! Its faux leather and is perfect for school, it's simple, spacious and easy to use. It's very classy and has a gold clasp and zip. It has a main section (which is the biggest), a zip section and three other sections. I am in love with it and can't wait to use it!

Have you got a new bag for school?

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