Sunday, 8 September 2013


I've just been to Cassis which is a very beautiful town on the South Coast of France in between Nice and Marseille, i went for a week and now i am back to tell you all about it! I absolutely loved it and i took loads of pictures, so prepare yourself for picture overload, again!

The harbour was really pretty and was the centre of the town, it had a long row of buildings at the front, everyone of these buildings being a different restaurant. All the restaurants served 'Moules Frites' which is Mussels and Chips and that's what everyone single person in every restaurant ate, except for a few kids! The harbour was full with mainly sleek, posh speed boats, but there were a few classic sailing boats, which were equally as pretty! They even had jousting on boats!
 Some trees on the walk down from the train station.
 The beach! I learnt that 'medusas' is jellyfish in french as one day there were loads in the sea and people just caught them using shoes and nets and those beach tennis racket things!

 We even went snorkeling using my brother snorkel and we saw loads of fish, they had an underwater sea trail which my brother kind of went on and he saw even more bigger fish!
This is the bowling area, people just took their own bowls and played bowls and behind that at the top is the castle, but we didn't go up there.

We went on a boat trip round a few of the calanques! They are the highest sea cliffs in Europe according to my dad and they were beautiful!

 They had a market everyday and it was really beautiful, they even had a night market!

 This is a beautiful cafe that we went to one day!

Where did you go on holiday?

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