Thursday, 6 June 2013

Superdrug + The Body Shop + Charity Shops Haul

Hey guys! Guess What? Surprise, surprise, I went shopping. I know it's rare for me.....but yes i went shopping! So, what did you buy i here you ask, well i'll tell you it was not the normal (well 2 items weren't). On Saturday, I went charity shop shopping with my two friends Kathryn (blogless) and Hollie (Alittleprickly) along with a few main stream shops such as superdrug, charity shops were the main places! Here we are.....

Charity shops first! First is this brown leather plaited belt, i have been looking for one of these for over 2 years now and i have only just bought one and the best thing is it was only 50p, i don't even have to press the shift button to put a pound in, it was so cheap. I love it, it fits perfectly and is wearable with everything and anything!
I also bought a cropped, collared, crochet, (3 c's) jacket! It is really light and floaty and was only £3.49. It would look great with a summer dress and is so gorgeous. I am totally in love with crochet at the moment and love it so much! (sorry there is no photo, it was really hard to take a picture of!)

Next we move to Superdrug, now i went a bit mad in Superdrug and bought quite a lot but they were all quite cheap so it wasn't that bad. The first thing is this Batiste dry shampoo in flirty floral blush, it is talked about by nearly every beauty blogger so if you haven't already seen it, then you must of been living under a rock! It was really cheap so i thought i would give it a try and i love it! It doesn't feel like you have product in, it adds lots of volume and is very good at doing its actual job! Cleaning hair without getting it wet!

Another hair product i bought is this TRESemme Heat Protect Spray. I have been curling/crimping my hair quite a lot recently since i got it cut short and realised the other day that my hair was getting destroyed! So i bought some heat protectant in the hope that it will work!

Next this LIME shower gel!!! This smells actually like limes, it claims on the back that it has 40 limes in, i doubt this but i must say it does smell and look like limes! I already love it and haven't even tried it yet! It was half price too and cost me a £1!!!

Next is the Barry M Gelly Nails nail varnish in Guava. It is a gorgeous deep blue and i just fell in love with the colour! I had heard about the gelly nails everywhere and wanted to try them and so far i like them! They give a nice sheen to the colour and shine nicely!

Now to The Body Shop (this was on a different day), i love The Body Shop and EssieButtons new video inspired me. I bought the Shea Body Creme, which is like a creamy, moisturising shower gel. It is so luxurious and smells amazing. I'm not sure what Shea is but it smells like cocunuts, vanilla and nuts. I also bought a small sample of the Volumising Rainforest Shampoo. I have not tried it yet but have good hopes and am hoping to buy the full size soon.

I had never tried any of these products before i bought them, which i liked because it gave me a change to my usual products and let me experiment with different products and brands! Have you tried anything you have never tried before, recently? Can you reccommend it?

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