Friday, 31 May 2013

Perfect Topshop Polka Dots

I don't know about you (but i'm feeling 22 - Bit of Taylor Swift) but i have been seeing polka dots everywhere recently, especially in one of my favourite shops, Topshop! They have so many gorgeous spotty clothes at the moment that i dedicated a whole post to them and other spotty clothes! Topshops variety of spotty clothes is amazing and as they all very expensive, i thought the next best thing to buying them, was blogging about them, so here is another ramble about clothes.......

In Topshop, in their MOTO range, they have a collection of spotted denim clothing. These items are absolutely gorgeous and i love them so much. If they would actually suit me or not is a different question, but i have just fallen in love with these pieces of spotted clothing, so without futher ado here are the items: (I am especially in love with the dark denim swing skirt!)

But Topshop is not the only shop that sells spotty clothes, but it is probably the most expensive, so here are some cheaper alternatives to these pricy dots!
These light denim polka dot shorts are really cute. The polka dots are small which makes it look more subtle and as they are high waisted would look great with a shirt or baggy t-shirt tucked in. New Look - £19.99

This denim polka dot tie front shirt, is similar to the shorts above, in that it has small, subtle dots and is on light denim. This would look great at a festival or on a hot summers day. The shirt is quite formal but is dressed down by the tie front, so could be worn formal or casual. New Look - £14.99

This monochrome polka dot crop top is very on trend at the moment as monochrome and crop tops are hot! Its capped sleeves give it a bit of cuteness, while the textured finish and cropped style keep it edgy. The perfect summer top. River Island - £16

This monochrome skater skirt is a classic spotty item. It is pretty and with the gold zip at the back is elegant and sophisticated. It would look great with a blouse or shirt tucked in, for an evening out. Internacionale - £10 (sale)

You can't forget about accessories and i found Boohoo do some really cute ones. These spotty knee high socks with a bow, look really cute and would look great with a casual day dress or a floaty skater skirt. They could dress a pair of denim shorts up or a black evening dress down. Boohoo - £5

These bow hair clips really add something to an outfit and are great if you don't want to go spotty mad and just add a little cuteness to your outfit. Boohoo - £6

Hope this gave you some inspiration on spotty clothes and if it didn't well these pictures of spotty clothes from Tumblr, surely will:

Inspired yet?


  1. AWESOME SPOTTY CLOTHES!!! i absolutly love the socks from boohoo and the skater skirt from internacionale!

  2. Thanks! I absolutely love those spotty socks they are so amazing! I like the shorts from new look too xx