Saturday, 23 February 2013

December Favourites

As Christmas has just passed i have quite a few favourites this month, some of them being presents that i recieved at Christmas. I wil do beauty favourites first. There are quite a few Rimmel products, so i will start with them. First is from Kate Moss's collection she did with them, i have the shade 'rossetto', its a classic redy-pinky colour but with a bit of shimmer. Next is their lasting finish soft colour blush, i have the shade 'live pink' and is a very bright pink colour, so it looks very bright, but i have pinkish cheeks, so it works on my cheeks. And the last but not least Rimmel product is their new scandaleyes eyeliner in nude, which is different to the classic black but is very good for school (which is why i bought it). I have another eyeliner in my favourites this month, its a Miss Sporty one, which was very cheap and it works really well. 
 The next favourite was a present but it is amazing, so i had to put it in even thought i haven't used it that much yet for obvious reasons. Its the Elizabeth Arden high shine lip gloss in the shade 'shimmering rose'. It's light pink and as the name suggests it shimmers. Similar to this but cheaper is the glam shine lip gloss from L'oreal in the shade 'sheer framboise', its roughly the same but slightly brighter, however its slightly sticky and gloopy. Also from L'oreal is the new colour infallible eyeshadow in 'permanent kaki' it's a lovely army type colour. Finally, Jack Wills lip balm in aloe vera and mint it really does look after your lips, it's even got SPF 30, which is no good in this weather, but it will be in summer, if we're lucky!
Now i will do random favourites. I have been loving Taylor Swift's new album called 'red', it's really good and i just love the lyrics. My favourite song on it is 'The Lucky One', you should check it out. The next favourite is a bit weird but its jelly beans, i'm totally in love with them, i really want to try out the bean boozled ones, in which you pick a jelly bean and it either tastes amazing or disgusting, like rotten egg (ew!). Also i have been loving (another present) Just Dance 4, it has some great dances and songs on it and it even has a section on fitness and kcls and things, i'm even thinking of getting gangam style on it.
The next three things are from Accessorize, i have recently been obsessed with this shop, they have some amazing things for winter time, they are so warm. So, first is a pair of navy blue fingerless gloves which can turn into mittens and a pair of slipper boots i think they are the space dye ones. The final thing from there is not very interesting but the socks are so soft and cosy.
What are your favourite things this month?

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