Saturday, 23 February 2013

Superdry Make-Up

Superdry have just released their new products into their beauty range. Since now the beauty collection has only consisted of perfumes and nail varnishes, but today they added many make-up essentials to the collection.In keeping with the brands young, cool image, the products really do look the part, they look fun, bright and perfect for teenagers.
They say its 'affordable luxury' and at about £2 above the average Rimmel or Maybelline product, i can't diasgree. As i say, the collection is only make-up essentials, so no concealer or foundation, but i think that and the limited different shades are the only faults and maybe the price too, depending on your price range for make-up. The lip glazes and the blushers are the most appealing to me. The lip glazes come in a variety of 5 shades and have a smooth, easy application giving long lasting even coverage. The sweet vanilla smell is also a real turn on for me, as i just love the smell of vanilla and am currently searching high and low for a vanilla scented body spray!
For a bolder look, they do 3 different shades of lip paint. It is very soft and the lips and unlike most lipsticks does not dry up and it's long lasting. The shade flamingo is my favourite!
As you expect from Superdry, the packaging is bright, colourful and full of fun, but simple and cool at the same time. I just love the vibrant pink make-up brush!

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