Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lush Review

Over the last couple of weeks i have created quite a collection of Lush products and thought that i would tell you all about them. The reason i love Lush so much, apart from the smell, is that they use fresh, natural ingredients and i find their stuff actually works! 
 The best thing i have tried from Lush so far, are their face masks, i have the 'catastrophe cosmetic' one and this is the only one i have ever used, but i think it's so good and i am hoping to try another type soon. I think it really wakes you for a start and it is really refreshing, and it really makes your face glow. Also i think it is really good for making spots almost invisible, so i really recommend it. I tend to only use it once a week though, as i think it is effective enough.
Now, if you tried the bath products from Lush then you'll know what i'm going on about and if you haven't, why not? The bubble bars smell amazing and if you put the whole thing in, you will have the same amount of bubbles as water! The bath ballistics are also good, i wouldn't say they are as good as the bubble bars, as i love a bubbly bath, but they do make the water smell amazing and some of them are really cool, like i had one the other day that has popping candy in it!
And last but not least, is their lip scrubs, i have the bubblegum and although it smells and tastes amazing, i am still undecided about this product. I really can't decide whether it actually does the job or not and therefore i can't really advise you on them.
However, overall i really do love Lush!
Do you have anything from Lush, that you love?

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