Saturday, 23 February 2013

Topshop wish list

I never really paid any attention to the products in Topshop as it is quite expensive and the clothes looked quite unusual at a first glance, but recently I have been loving Topshop. And I have just bought some shorts from there, which I included in my shopping post. And now, since Zoella did a £500 Topshop gift voucher giveaway, I have been creating quite a list of things I love from there, and I thought I would share the list with you. Firstly, is the very popular 'geek' t-shirt which I love in burgundy, I think it is cute, yet bold and I just love the turned up sleeves. Also, at only £18, which is alot for a t-shirt, but not for topshop, I think it is amazing.
My absolute favourite thing from Topshop though has to be the jeans, I don't own a pair but I want to. They actually fit me as skinny jeans, they are good quality and have a wide collection of styles and colours, but the pair I want are the Leigh bleached skinny jeans, but the amazingness of these jeans means, unfortunately, that they don't come cheap and at £38, it will take me a while to save up, but that is what I'm doing!
Not that interesting this one, but I want one of them anyway, it's the basic strappy vests, as I have been looking for some vests and I think they would be the best at Topshop, also at only £6 each or 2 for £10, they are unlike the other things on my list, cheap!
And last but not least is the lace collar top, which I think is very feminine and is good for spring. I have just been loving lace and I think that this is the perfect piece for my spring wardrobe, I like the shape of it too and the collar gives it an edgey, more in fashion look, which i have also been loving. However I did want it in navy, even though I have too many navy things, but I don't think they do it in navy anymore! And it costs £16 and you know where from.

What are your favourite items in Topshop?

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