Saturday, 23 February 2013

Estee Lauder Heavy Petals Nail Laquer - Spring 2013

Even though with the freezing temperatures and the blanket of snow across the ground, it seems like winter to me, but Estee Lauder have just realesed their new Spring 2013 collection, of which the nail varnish looks amazing!
Inspired by the city of Paris as it comes alive in Spring, it's a collection of pastels, created by the the playful mood and aray of colours in the city of Paris as it blooms to life in spring. I love the elegant, let sleek and modern bottle and makes the colours look very classy, too.
There are a wide range of colours but for me my favourite is the absinthe, it's the mint green coloured laquer and is perfect for spring, i also quite like the pastel blue (dilettante) and the coral (coral cult). However, i think some of the colours such as the pastel purple and pinks and are bit same, same old and i will not be purchasing them, but i will hopefully purchse the absinthe one soon, as on their website you get free delivery and two free samples with any purchse.

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