Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Are you in a spot of bother?

This is about getting rid of spots, i hate them and at this age they are gonna come up a lot! I have two staple products that i use to get rid of my spots. I love these products and wouldn't change them in a million years, or give them up if,i could only take 2 things onto a desert island, it would be these.......Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but i do love them, so lets get crack-a-lackin'.

The packaging has changed (don't know why you needed to know that!?!).
Firstly is this Rapid Action Gel Wash by Clearasil, you can buy it at Boots and Superdrug, but it's on offer at Superdrug! It says it gives visibly clearer skin in just 12 hours and i can tell you it really does, it's quick and easy to use! Although it can dry your skin and make it go a bit flaky, this clears up after a few hours and the next product counterbalances that anyway. I love it soooo much that i am on my third bottle of this stuff! It reduces the size of your spots and the redness, to make them less noticeable. I really recommend it! I use it every time i have a bath or a shower, i use the very handy pump to squirt one lot out, rub it in my hands so it foams up, then i pat it onto my face (especially over my spots) and then wash off, wala!

My other product is the Lush Fresh Face Masks. They have different types for different things, but my favourite is the Catastrophe Cosmetic one, it's made of blueberries and is very hydrating and is specially designed to get rid of those nasty things called spots. Although, the Cosmetic Warrior one is meant to be the best for fighting spots, i don't think i could handle the garlic smell, so i have never been brave enough to try this one out! I am currently using the Love Lettuce one, but it doesn't really get rid of spots, it just brightens your face, also it is very rough and sandy. Catastrophe Cosmetic is amazing though my spots have almost gone after i have used this, but you do get a chill when you apply any of these masks as you have to keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh. Another good thing about them and about all Lush products is that they made of fresh ingredients. To be honest i don't have a single bad word to say about them! I apply them once a week, using my hands, and keep them on for 15 minutes, then wash them off with the hottest water i can stand!

Now what are you waiting for, go and buy them!

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