Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Top 5 Spring nail varnishes

Spring is where all my favourite clothes, colours and styles come into shops and fashion. As i love the pastels  of Spring i thought i would show you some of my favourite nail varnishes for this time of the year, Spring!

I absolutley love Spring colours, pastels are probably my favourite colours no matter what time of year it is so when Spring comes the colours alone are enough to get me excited, even without the warmer weather!
Ceramic blues are lovely toned down blues, they are great to wear with anything, but i think bright florals and other brights look great with them.
Pastel pinks are very pretty and girly and although many layers need to be applied before you get a fully opaque look they are gorgeous yet subtle when you do.
Eye-popping pinks are next and i was torn between putting them in Spring or Summer but i thought they would mix up all these pastels. They are beautiful and sometimes include a little red.
Pastel turqousies are a colour which i am not that familiar with but they are very elegant and classy, yet fun and girly!
Bright grassy greens are definetly noticeable and are a difference to all the pinks and reds, i mean how often do you see someone with GREEN NAILS? When actually this colour is very nice and girly!

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