Friday, 5 April 2013

Sea theme

Hey! My relaxing holiday in North Wales has sadly come to an end, but as people say 'it was great while it lasted'!! Now going on holiday in Spring is a change for me, normally we go away in summer for a few days, maybe a week, but in Spring, it's just unheard of in my family, but i persuaded them and as a birthday treat we went to Abersoch! It's so beautiful on the coast in Spring, you can see the crystal clear sea and the beautiful snowy topped mountains! We stayed in a rather large house considering there was only 3 of us (it could sleep up to 8 people!), this is because we booked the day before we left and she said we could have it for the same price as a house a subtle size for the number of us. Anyway, this house was gorgeous and sea themed so I thought I would show you all the seaside themed things inside it (a bit like a room tour).
Firstly, are these light cords for the bathroom, they is a lighthouse and a boat, they are sea things and in nautical colours. They are really cute and easy to use too.
Next is this nautical sailing clock. It has a map in the background with rope and navy blue and white stripes, it is so sea like and the hands are really elegant. I love it!!
Another thing I love here which is in keeping with the whole sea theme are these curtains, they have lighthouses and yachts on them and are super cute. They are great for a coastal house.
The final thing I like is this wardrobe, it is a shabby sheek look although I think it could be classed as a sea themed piece of furniture. It is green with a slightly see through white coat on top. To get this effect you paint the item green (or whatever colour you want) leave to dry, mix water and white paint together and then paint on top.
I love the sea theme. A few years ago I wanted a sea themed bedroom soooo much that I wanted to bring some of the sea back on a aeroplane to go in my bedroom!!! Haha!

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