Monday, 22 April 2013

What i adore - Songs + Singers

Hey! This is once again a new section to my blog called What i adore, where you will see what i have been adoring each month, this months it's singers and songs!!! Like lots of people (i hope - or is just me and my friends!?!) i love to bust out a quick hip swiggle or a little singing, even though i'm not the most talented at it (my singing has been compared to a sheep before!). Music can be in all different genres for all different personalities (maybe your personality is reflected in the type of music you like!?!), anyway, i thought i would tell you about my favourite singers.

In the past couple of months i have been loving Emeli Sande, her songs have so much meaning and i love that she writes them herself, because even though i like some of those 'generated' artists, i love it when they do what they want with their music! She is amazing at singing too and she is British, could she be any better? Winning Best British Female and British Album at The Brit Awards just shows how amazing she actually is! My favourite songs of hers are 'Clown' and 'Daddy'. There are some tasters below.

Another artist i have been loving is Taylor Swift, she is really down to Earth and her songs are really relate-able. She gives lots of her money to charity and is always helping out with good causes. And she can sing, writes her own songs and is beautiful. No wonder she made nearly every girl in the World jealous when she started going out with Harry Styles! I have her CD 'Red' and i love it, however after listening to her songs about a million times (like i do) you may get a bit sick of them. My favourite songs of hers are State of grace, and Treacherous. 

My final artist has to be Rihanna, she is stylish, she is good at singing and her songs are amazing. She makes to many albums to count, but I have 'loud' and 'talk that talk' and I love both CDs and although talk that talk is a bit rude, I need to give her some credit for creating such good CDs. Also, she more upbeat (most of the time) than the other singers I have mentioned. My favourite songs by her are 'complicated' and 'farewell'.

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