Monday, 15 April 2013

Huge collective holiday haul!!!!!

Hey! I have been shopping, again!!!! And it's the holidays!!! And i bought a lot!!! From all different places!!!(which doesn't really deserve exclamation marks, but just following the pattern!). So I think it's safe to say this post has a very appropriate name, if I do say so myself!!! Also, i think this ties in quite nicely with my previous post 'The shopaholic tag!'. When I was shopping I came across a shop, which I now love and I will do a new discovery post about it soon, but for now I will show you what I bought in order of when i bought it. This is probably the best selection of things i have ever bought, so you will see what I'm into throughout it!

 Firstly i went into River Island, which i love, but some funny reason i don't own anything from there, anyway i bought this stripy T-shirt, it has a bobbly texture, which is quite unusual and gives it an authentic look. Also, it is quite loose fitting but still kinda of shows your figure (if that makes sense!?!) I have really been loving this type of T-shirt recently because they are really comfy, but in my opinion look really good. I have also been loving the very popular rolled up sleeves look. It is casual yet stylish and at only £10 from River Island could it get any better?

I was shopping in Manchester and we trailed round so many shops trying to find a denim jacket that i made sure that when i found it, it was perfect. This faded denim cropped jacket from New Look was the one for me! It's gorgeous and goes with the top above really well. Also, it is great for Spring/Summer as it protects you from the wind, but it's not to thick and warm so you boil up! It looks really cute if you use it dress down a dress or comfortable and casual with a simple tee (like above). Its very cheap too at only £17.99 from New Look.

The next item is from a shop i have recently discovered called Bank! It's a pair of the most gorgeous ballet pumps i have ever seen!!! I saw them and thought I NEED THEM!!!!! They are QUILTED, STUDDED, have BOWS and are a creamy beige colour, i love quilts, studs and bows, so to mix them together and put them into a BALLET PUMP.....I'm speechless!!! They are padded too so are really comfortable unlike some ballet pumps. They look cute and stylish and would go with basically anything (probably except more beige). I will probably wear them with skinnies or a floral skirt, maybe denim shorts. They are £18 from Bank and are definitely my favourite purchase!

Finally i went to JACK WILLS!!!! I signed up to their catalogues a few weeks ago and i have been obsessed with looking through these, ever since they came, the photography and clothes is so good and interesting even if you are not a big fan of Jack Wills, so i advised you go sign up to them now, it's free! Anyway, the point is i have been wanting a Jack Wills tee for ages and i finally got the chance to buy one, when we went to their Abersoch branch last week. It is very loose fitting, comfy ad slightly cropped. It is a gorgeous navy blue colour and is perfect for Summer, especially for chucking over a bikini! It is a bit like the River Island top in that even though it is loose fitting it still shows your figure!?! It is quite expensive at £24.50 from Jack Wills, but i prefer a few good quality things i love, then loads of poor quality things, but that's just me.

My other purchase from Jack Wills is this abstract colourful floral phone case, it is gorgeous. You can just tell that it is going to last forever, it's such good quality and if you are going to be using a lot like me it better be easy to clean; the plasticy layer over the fabric makes it just so. It is £9.50 from (you guessed it) Jack Wills.

I tried to but i just couldn't resist the 3 for 2 mix andMaybelline Color Show Nail Varishes. It is this gorgeous deep turquoise blue colour called 'Urban Turquoise' which has a very appropriate name. I am currently wearing it and it looks slightly greener on my nails then it did in the bottle, but it is still a beautiful colour. It applied really easily and was very cheap at only  £2.99, i am very tempted to go buy some more!
match offer on all make up at Boots and i'm a real sucker for a sale or offer, so i came out clutching 3 new products to add to my collection. The first is one of the

The next item is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer, which i have heard is meant to be great for under the eyes.I am looking forward to trying this as i have never used a Bourjois product before,but i can't tell you what i think of it because i haven't tried it yet, but i will probably do a review on it another time. All i can tell you is it smells AMAZING!!! It was quite pricey at £7.49, compared to my Collection 2000 concealer.

The final thing i bought is the Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil, i have never used an eye brow pecil before and with this being one of the cheapest on the market i thought i would try it, i mean it was free with the other two, why not get it, but it is normally £2.99.

Rethinking back to the start of this post it says 'so you will probably see what i am into throughout this post'. I'm also into Alex Pettyfer, but unfortunately i don't think he is for sale!!!