Sunday, 28 April 2013

Beyonce Concert!!!

Hey guys, when my dad said yesterday 'Lois, i might buy these Beyonce tickets for tonight, do you want to go?' after a few questions like 'are you kidding?' and 'where is it?', I literally screamed the house down, well it was more of a shriek because i have such a high voice, but you get how excited i was!!! And for good reason too!!!!
It was her Mrs Carter show and was last night at the nec in Birmingham, Beyonce came on at nine. It was absolutely amazing, not only is Beyonce an amazing singer, she is also an amazing dancer and puts so much energy and effort into everything she does, making seeing her in concert even better as she didn't just sing she danced and did a bit of chatting to the audience too! She changed outfits a few times throughout the performance, each outfit as beautiful and bold as the next. During her outfit changes videos were shown of her, with each video relating and leading up to the next few songs. And there were a lot of songs!!! She is so inspirational and was amazing to watch. She sang some of her famous hits such as Single Ladies and Crazy in love, with her final song being Halo from her award winning album 'Halo'!!!
The camera does not do our seats justice, as it makes us look like we were 3 times further away then we actually were, but here are some pics and videos i took when i was there:
Have you ever been to a concert? Who do you go see?


  1. I wanna go! I wanna go! Lucky you Lois!!! Xx

  2. Well, ur coming in the summer xx

  3. Yay!!!!!!! Expect massive posts!!!!!!!! xx