Sunday, 7 April 2013

Truths with Hollie aka Alittleprickly

Truth or dare is something which is heavily featured in sleepovers, so we thought we would do a blog version of truth or dare, just without dares (which kinda defeats the object of the game, but you know!). Truths is what i'm going to call it and Hollie from is one of my bestiest friends and so for fun and to find a few random things out about each other, we decided to play truths.Now enough explaining, it is simple enough.

Moi (I'm not actually French) - So, Hollie, What would you do if had only 1 week left to live?
Hollie - I would travel as much as i could, probably to Venice and then anywhere close to there so i could see the World and some of its amazing things!

Mi (Nor Italian) - Cool, What is the biggest meal you have ever had?
Hollie - Probably in Spain when i was at this restaurant, you get a starter, main and dessert, and for the main you get like half a pig...I may be slightly exaggerating, but i was quite ill after that!!

A picture of half a pig is a bit disturbing!!

Mig (Nor Danish) - Okay...Are there any films you have watched over 10 times?
Hollie - Probably Avatar and when i was younger maybe barbie films and things like that, oh and maybe this film about cheerleading i can't remember what is was called but i remember watching it alot of times. And the Twilights (but i've gone off them now!)

Minua (Nor Finnish) - If you could have another name what would it be?
Hollie - Well, i quite like the name Skyler, i know it's quite a weird name, but i like it, oh or Ingrid.

How do you get a picture of a name!?!

Saya (Nor Indonesian) - Name a bad habit
Hollie - Biting my nails, i have been doing it since i was about 7 :/

Same as the pig, a picture of nails bitten, is not something which will make the post look better!!

Dom (Nor Irish) - What is the longest you have ever gone without sleeping?
Hollie - Well, I was at a sleepover once and, sorry (bashed into my arm), and i woke up really early on the first day at about 7:30, and then i went to sleep the next morning at about 6:30, so that is 23 hours without sleeping...

Meg (Nor Norwegian) - Pretty impressive. If you could spend one day with anybody, they can be alive or (sadly) dead, who would it be?
Hollie - I probably sound really nerdy, but Tutankhamen, because i could find out about Eygpt and how he died and stuff. I know that is really nerdy but i like Egyptology ad things.

Mnie (Nor Polish) - Um, cool?! So, have you ever witnessed a serious crime?
Hollie - Well, i had just made a chocolate cake and i went upstairs, when i came back down, it was gone and all was left were crumbs...dum dum duh...and parents with big bellies. And another time was near Easter and i used to get LOADS of eggs, which i would put in a stash and when i would get home from school, one would of gone. Chocolate crimes!

Bana (Nor Turkish) - Yes, chocolate crimes are definitely the worst!Who is the hottest male celeb?
Hollie - Well, i don't know his name, but he plays Ian out of 'The Host' (after research I found his name - Jake Abel), he's just gorgeous! He's GORGEOUS!!

MHe (Nor Russian) - You room is on fire, you have time to save only one thing, what do you save?
Hollie - I would probably save a teddy which i got when i was younger, because it brings back good memories.
Mani (Nor Latvian) - Ahhh....

We did a Truths post on Hollies blog to you can check it out here -
(BTW - I'm English)