Monday, 20 May 2013

The Body Shop V Lush

I am addicted to scented, bubbly, coloured baths, i don't think i have had a bath that is none of these for years. I also love my shower gels and body products and the gorgeous smells every time you walk into these shops. Lush is very environmentally and animal friendly and The Body Shop is very sleek and clean, but which is the best in the battle for the best smelling (and other stuff) shop......
Lets start with Lush, Lush is full to the brim with exciting new and original products and ideas, the smell when you walk in the shop is heavenly and the service is the best i have ever seen. Seriously, the people working there always say 'Hello' or 'Are you having a nice day?' every time you walk in, they are also really help full. Lush is very animal and environmentally friendly and all there bags are biodegradable, not only this but all there products are fresh and handmade. I have had tried the bubble bars, bath ballistics, fresh face masks and lip scrubs. I love their bath products so much that i won't have a bath without a bath ballistic or a bubble bar with me!!! They all have different types from popping candy to changing the colour of the water! They even just introduced their make-up line, which is expensive, to say the least, but the products look amazing! They also do really good gift boxes, which are full of bath stuff and other things, which i love! The face masks are fresh and really work and i don't think i could find a fault in their shop, except their slight overpricing but it's all fresh and handmade, with no animal testing, what can you expect?

 Bath Bomb - Honey Bee
 Bubble Bar - Magic Mushroom (how cute?)

Make Up
 Eyeliner - Calm
 Lipstick - Decisive

 Fresh Face Mask - Catastrophe Cosmetic (I know i go on and on about them but they are amazing!)

Gift Box - Bunty Pink

The Body Shop
Next is The Body Shop, it is always has a offer on (apart from when i seem to go in!), has it's own gorgeous signature scents (strawberry, shea and mango to name just a few) and, like Lush, has great products. I have tried their shower gels, body butters and lip butters and i love them all! My favourite scents are the Sweet Lemon, Pink Grapefruit and Shea. It is priced quite similarly to Lush and also do their own make-up line! The lip butters are like water to the lips and i would really recommend them!

 Shower Gel - Sweet Lemon

 Hand cream - Wild Rose (meant to be really good!)

Body Butter - Vineyard Peach

Colour Crush Eyeshadow

Lip Butter - Pink Grapefruit

Body Mist - Vanilla (want this so much!)

To conclude the Lush V The Body Shop battle, i think for it's creative, exciting and forever changing products, Lush is the winner. Although The Body Shop has a wider range of products and some amazing staple smells, Lush is creative, new, animal and environmentally friendly, has good service and the smell when you walk in is to die for!!! I really recommend Lush and i don't think there is a single thing that you would be disappointed with if you bought something, so go get something now!!!


  1. Everybody buy the pink grapefruit lipbutter! Lois recommended it to me and I am now on my second pot!

  2. Yay you included the lush bunty thingy I bought you!
    Hehe I feel special!
    Hollie xx