Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Bird Skirt

Always having a gorgeous Spring collection at H&M is lucky for me but not so lucky for my purse, as I always buy ALOT there in Spring. Today was no exception and I came out, into the pouring rain, clutching my bag which held my new beauty! My bird print skater skirt!

It is a gorgeous white skater skirt with black swallows on, the black and white theme is very in this Summer and very classy. The material is quite thick and heavy so is great for the forever changing English weather! Is it hot, cold, windy, raining?!?

Anyway, it is very floaty and fun and I love the print. It goes in at the waist which means figures will not be lost with this skirt and will look great with tucked in tops!

It has a zip at the back which in my opinion makes it look more expensive than it was and makes it easier to put on.
H&M - Bird Skater Skirt - £12.99


  1. This skirt is very pretty!! :) I love the bird print and how it goes in at the waist and sits above your knees. The black and white is very in and classy. I love these style skirts. Good choice!! :D

  2. I have never bought anything from H&M and now i think i am missing out that skirt is lovely and for that price its even better :) x

  3. Thanks both of you, i loved it as soon as i saw it! H&M is really good, its cheap and quite good quality!

  4. This outfit looks sooo great on you! Love the skirt!

  5. Lois I love the skirt! it is muy prttyamundo! xx

  6. Replies
    1. I can't find it on the website, but there is a sale on so if you are near a h&m you should pop in because they may still have it in some stores sales!

  7. Any chance you still have the tag or receipt and are able to provide a inventory number or something similar? I am really interested in finding this skirt but without any information I can't do anything as it is not available online. I was hoping I could locate a store with it still.