Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crazy for Coral and Over the moon for Orange

Helloooooo peeps and peepettes!! I am currently loving the colours, coral and orange, they seem soooo bright, colourful and fun, but also seem kinda sophisticated, if you don't go too overboard that is, remember we're not on a boat; that reminds me of that bit in Grown Ups (if you haven't seen it you need to!) where at the start those two boys are playing a video game and it goes 'GRANNY OVERBOARD!!! - 50 POINTS', haha!! Anyway, where were we.....Colours! Because of my colour loving i have created quite a collection of orange and coral things and thought for all you coral lovers and orange followers out there i would show you my collection, just in case you feel you need a bright orange nail polish or leopard print headband! So, here we are.......

Right - No7 Colour Lock Nail Enamel - Feisty (old)

Cupcake - Cupcake Lip Gloss - Gift

Hair and Body
Hairband - Local Pharmacists


  1. I lob it Lis-los!!!!! xx

  2. I totally love these products, go orange! hehe