Sunday, 12 May 2013

Jack Wills

Hey! I have just been sent the Spring and Summer Jack Wills catalogues, yes I admit the spring one a few weeks before the Summer one, but your not interested in that. Anyway, I have been flicking through these and realised my love for Jack Wills even more (if you can get over the extortionate prices - which put me off purchasing all my wardrobe from it!). But would you pay for quality and design over quantity!?!
I love a good bargain, (I mean, who doesn't?) but I have to be buying something of good quality otherwise what's the point if its just going to fall apart in a few months? Jack Wills is good quality, I don't think you can argue with that, and it has very nice clothes (in my opinion).
I love the crew neck jumpers, they look very sailor like with their nautical stripes and casual fit, but they look warm and well fitting. They probably get used very often by the proud owners of these and are very versatile.

I love the bekeford twill jacket more than anything, it is absolutely amazing!!!! I tried on the colour 'Dark Khaki' and when it was on looked amazing (it doesn't look very good online). It fitted perfectely, suited me very well, was good quality, looked great and was just incredible!!! However, the price tag was not!!! At £79.50 i didn't buy it as it was simply too much, if it had been cheaper i would snapped it up immedialtly, but unfortunately it wasn't....

I also adore the tetwin phone cases they are really nice. They are padded to protect your phone, colourful and most of them have a plastic cover so they are easy to wipe clean. I own one of these and would reccomend them to anyone including you, at £9.50  they are pricy for a phone case but will last you forever.

I also love the tees, they are all so comfy and casual but look better than your average casual tee, they are good quality and have a good fit to them.

The final thing which is massively out of my price range is the penbury satchel, just so you don't get your hopes up it costs £229!!!!!! Some people who can afford this, go get it, the rest of us can only imagine!!! Its pure leather with brass detailing and is amazing quality!!! What else can say apart from that i love it!!!

I love this shop to pieces it is amazing and it annoys me soooooo much that the smallest size they do is a size 8 :( but some of the size 8 things do fit me!


  1. That bag looks just gorgeous! Shame it is so expensive x

  2. I know it's absolutely gorgeous, I love your blog btw. Snap! We have the same background!