Monday, 27 May 2013

Stuck for Summer?

Are you stuck on what you should do this summer? Well, me too! I get so excited about the Summer Holidays and then just get bored to death half way through as i have already ran out of all these things to do that i dreamed about in the last few weeks of school! So, i thought i would make a list of all the amazing things you can do this summer! Here we are.....

  • Go to the park with your friends and buy a giant tub of ice cream (all take spoons) and eat it all and just chat and mess about!
  • Go shopping with your mates and eat lots of greggs! (Pic from 'Confessions of a shopaholic' if you haven't seen the film, go watch it!).
  • On those rainy days go to the cinema with your mates and then go get dinner at a restaurant nearby!
  • Get a job at a cafe or somewhere, this will earn you money and will fill your spare time!
  • Go round all the charity shops and try on all wacky clothes!
  • Go on a walk and soak up that sun!
  • Go to the beach for the day and go in the sea!
  • Go to a local outdoor pool and swim and sunbathe!
  • Play golf (it may sound boring) but it's actually really relaxing and quite fun if you go with the right people and the right attitude and if its sunny!
  • Go camping with your besties!! Even if it's just in your garden, you will have a great time, remember to  stock up on those sweets too!
  • Get away for a few days, go to the city, the beach, the countryside, wherever, it will just clear your mind and get you ready for going back to school and will be fun!
I hope this inspired you to have a great action packed summer!


  1. Lovely post Lo!!!
    And yay!!!-We've done most of those things together!!!!
    And hopefully we can add outdoor swimming to are list too, hint hint!!!
    Hollie xx

  2. It's too cold and i went yesterday! And thanks i did get the inspiration from the things i had done with my friends though, so that's probabaly why we have done most of the things on there together! xx