Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hot or not - Floral?

It's Spring!!! You may not have noticed from the current freezing cold outside, but it is actually Spring!! I love Spring and as you may have noticed from my last few posts i am quite excited about the warmer weather (hopefully) on it's way (after the snow!). And nothing says Spring more than floral prints, so i immediately thought, Hot or Not post! Here it is!
Floral skirts are something i love with florals, but i have just done a post about them so i won't drag on about them. But, they can turn a not so feminine outfit into a girly masterpiece or can add colour to a white or faded coloured top. So i would definitely say that floral skirts are a good part of floral!

Floral dresses are also something i love with floral, they are so fresh and girly, i love the floaty dresses. I don't know if you would class this as floral, but i like dresses which are floral lace, like the one in my 'new discovery - Forever 21' post. They are great to wear with a denim jacket and maybe boots and tights, for all year round floralness!
Floral jeans, now i love some floral jeans, but the majority of them i don't like as much. They are not that easy to find either, i know Hannah, from Remarkable Ramblings, tried to find some printed jeans, but couldn't find any that she loved enough to buy. Sometimes, if they are just denim coloured with white floral outlines on they can look really nice. Wear with boots.
Floral tops, can look really nice, especially blouses and shirts. The colours are often a bit far fetched, so the only thing i can think of to wear with them if plain denim shorts or jeans. They can be very puffy, loose and comfortable and are good for Spring, but all floral is perfect for the Spring time. However, i don't really like floral tops.

Floral hotpants, are great to wear with a plain white tee or with a totally crazy clashing print! They are cute and hot, perfect for summer!
Not only can floral be found on clothing, it can be found on shoes and other accessories too, its the perfect way to add a little bit of a feminine touch, without going overboard, i love floral ballet pumps and bracelets.
Overall, i think that floral is definitely HOT and very feminine. And you can always count on it to be in trend in Spring/Summer time, so i would start collecting your florals for this year!