Thursday, 14 March 2013

Topshop Skinny Jeans

I love skinny jeans, but because of my rather petite figure i often find it difficult to find a pair which actually are skinny and not baggy and loose. So, when i went into Topshop and tried on a pair of their jeans, i immediately fell in love with their tight fighting and long style, however i didn't buy a pair. This happened several times and i found myself buying pairs and pairs of jeans, which were much cheaper, but were not skinny on me and i hated them. I eventually decided to splash out and purchase a pair of their Leigh Vintage Skinny Jeans and although i am still in £10 debt, with my dad, i have not regretted it.
I love these jeans, they are the softest denim jeans that I have felt, they really are comfy and soft on your skin. Also, they are really good quality so will last along time (I bought a extra long pair to make sure I get full wear out of them!). I like that they are slightly rolled up at the bottom, I think it makes them look spring/summery and more casual and I love that they are not to dark but not to light because dirt would easily show up on light coloured jeans.
I adore these jeans, you can buy them from Topshop for £38.
What are your favourite jeans?

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