Monday, 4 March 2013

Vans vs converse

Both very popular, but pricy, shoe brands, amongst both girls and boys, but which is better?
Vans are comfortable, stylish sneakers. They have a thick white brim, which gives them their authentic look, which in my opinion can look cool, but can also make them look like something a sailor would wear. They come in all different colours and patterns, from burgundy to floral blue. However, they are a very low shoe, which may look good, but is not the most practical, as I always seem to be mismatching my red vans with things like lime green socks and the socks are clearly visible because of the lowness of the shoe! They are quite versatile as you can wear them with jeans, skirts and dresses, however be aware that because of the wide variety of colours and patterns they do not go with everything and anything you can find. I also think vans are bit girly than converse.

Converse are very similar to vans, however they have a baseball shoe style, which involves the big difference which is the white tip. This is in some way good as its protects the fabric at the tip of the toe from getting dirty and it can look good, I'm not sure if this is something I prefer about Converse to Vans or not. Converse also have a section on their website where you can design your own converse shoes, choosing the patterns and colours you want, however this doesn't come cheap, I think it is about £55 pounds to do this! Converse don't have such a chunky base either, which is probably something I prefer about converse too, but I think converse are less versatile and if I owned a pair I would probably only wear them with jeans, but some people can pull them off with skirts and it looks amazing!

Overall, I think Vans win the battle. I own a pair for a reason, you know! In my opinion they just look better and are more girly and subtle

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