Thursday, 7 March 2013

BaByliss Curlers

I have always loved curly and wavy hair and about a year ago now I purchased some curlers from Boots, because I was so much in love with that hairstyle and I'm glad I did. The curlers I have are the BaByliss pro curl 210 styling hair tongs and I think they are amazing and my friends agree, so I thought i would tell you about them (but there is too much to tell). Firstly, they have 5 different heat settings (power, 165, 180, 195 and 210 degrees Celsius), which is good so you can have long-lasting and good shaped curls or you can not damage your hair as much and use a low heat setting (I usually use 195). They have a clip to keep your hair in place and to protect you from burning your fingers, which is easy to do with a wand.
They have a medium sized barrel, so you can get big curls, if you use a little amount of hair or wavy more subtle curls, if you use big chunks of hair. They are suitable for most hair lengths and styles, which I know is a big off putter of buying curlers, is that they won't work on your hair type, but these will. Also, the curls last for ages and even longer if you use hairspray (even though I hate hairspray as its really sticky and heavy). However, like all curlers they take ages too use and can make you late for work/school.
They are cheap too (compared to other curlers) at only £18.99 from Boots.

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