Monday, 18 March 2013

Is it forever strong?

Once upon a time, i was flicking through YouTube videos and came upon a video by one of my favourite beauty bloggers, Essiebutton, and saw her mention this lovely ceramic blue nail varnish, i loved the colour and so a few days later, i went out and bought it and i'm glad i did!
It's the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro nail varnish, the first one i owned was in the shade 'ceramic blue' it's a pastel blue colour and is perfect for spring/summer time. After being so pleased with it i later purchased the same nail varnish but in the shade 'hot salsa', it's a pinky-red colour and is very bright and once again is the perfect colour for spring/summer. Also, i find the nail varnish very easy to remove with cotton pads. They have all the perfect qualities of a nail varnish, they're long lasting, easy to apply and smooth. They're currently the best nail varnish i have ever tried (the Rimmel ones might beat these soon) and i am hoping to buy some other shades too.
Also, they're very reasonably priced as they only cost £4.09 from Superdrug and Boots, so i really recommend it.
What is your favourite nail polish?

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