Saturday, 23 March 2013

New discovery - Forever 21

Hi guys! This is a new segment I am adding to my blog called 'new discovery' it will basically be about something that I have recently discovered and that I am loving!! Today I thought I would do about a shop, which I have heard so many American bloggers love, it's Forever 21 and when it finally came to England I saw just how amazing this shop is!!!
I haven't actually bought anything from here yet but I can just tell its a good shop. For one thing Miss Glamorazzi and Stilababe09 are always buying things from Forever 21, and they know all about shops and clothes.

Also, the clothes just look amazing, wearable and quite cheap (I would compare the price to New Look), so here are some of things that I love from there.
This is very girly and feminine and i love the pattern on it. The brown leather belt helps give it a more defined shape and give you more a figure! I think it is just the right length and would look great with a cropped denim jacket, like the one below the one below!
This is very edgy, yet girly, i love that the skirt is high-low and ombre, as it gives a really cool effect.They are very individual. The colours are very calm and would look great at the beach, but be careful what you wear with it as you want all the attention on the skirt.
This is simple and just easy to put over any top or dress in the spring/summer time. They are good for making a girly outfit (like the dress above), more edgy.
This light pink and cream stripe is going to be very popular this summer, and is very fun. They look slightly high-waisted, so i would advise wearing a top tucked in with them.
These are very girly and look expensive, but at £4.90 are a total bargain!
This is great to wear with anything, it is so simple and laid back, great for a casual day. It is on trend though as denim shirts are in at the moment.
I love all these items and i would really advise looking on the forever 21 website, as it's really good.

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