Friday, 22 March 2013

Denim Hotpants

It's a snow day, so i thought i would do a post about summer wear!! Denim hotpants are a staple item for anyones (unless you live in Antarctica) wardbrobe this spring/summer (if we get any warm weather that is, the inch of snow outside seems to make me not so sure). They are important in fashion and are simple, but how many different types are there? (Clue: This is a long post).
Denim hotpants come in all different colours, patterns and washes, this makes them quite appealing to the eye. But you have to be brave to pull of a pair of them, cofidence (and nice legs) is the key to making them look good. The classic faded denim hotpants are something that will always be hot, even if its winter and you are just about baring to survive in your hotpants and thick wolly tights! They are simple yet stytlish and are a easy way to look hot this summer. These above are from Topshop and i included them in my haul.
Then there are the block coloured denim hotpants, which i love in pastel colours for spring, the simpleocisty of these is amazing, white top and your ready to go! They are a fun, colourful way to wear denim, but you have to be careful, as the top may not always go with the shorts. This pair above of plum denim hotpants are from Miss Guided, the burgundy/plum colour is really in this year and the black top is paired well, but it makes the outfit look a bit dark.
Another type of denim hotpants are prints! I used to hate these but now i quite like them, some i love some i hate. The floral pairs look amazing, and on general shorts with prints can be fun and vibrant! Wearing them with a clashing print, can look good, depending on the prints and colours. The pair above are from Topshop and are an acid washed hotpant with pink crochet on.
The next main type of hotpants are dip dye, these are very hot this year and have recently been very popular, but you would have to very confident to pull a pair of these off. They are also quite hard to wear as what top do you wear? You don't want to attract the attention away from the shorts, but you don't want to make them look out of place by wearing a white top. I think these can look amazing but its all in the owner on how these go down! This pair above are green dip dye hotpants and are from New Look.
The final type of hotpants are another must-have this summer, highwaisted. You need amazing hips and gorgeous legs to pull of a pair of these, but with a tucked in shirt or a cropped top they can look great. Becuase they are highwaisted they make your legs look much longer, which is great if you have short legs and if you don't, who doesn't want longer legs? This pair above are from Topshop and are berry coloured acid 50's style highwaisted hotpants (breath), which look great with a simple white top.

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