Friday, 1 March 2013

Hot or not - lace?

I have always had a love hate relationship with lace and ever since Kate Middleton featured lace heavily on her wedding dress, it has been very popular, but is it hot or not? 
 This cream lace mini skater dress from River Island is a example of just how elegant lace can look. The cream tones and gold zip of this dress also add to this effect, the lace makes it look more girly and even though it is quite short, it still makes it look sophisticated. White/cream lace is very pretty and i think the 3/4 length sleeves make is look casual yet elegant. This cream lace tiered mini skirt also from River Island is another example of how nice light and pale colours are, lace wise. Another thing i like about this skirt is that it only has two bands of lace, which still gives it it's elegance but i keeps it subtle.
This black lace dress is an example of how lace can be overdone, as in my opinion the black lace makes it look like your grandmas clothing (not that she has bad dress sense, she may look better than Beyonce, for all i know!), which is the bad thing about lace, you have to be careful how you wear it! I don't like that the lace is black either, i think it gives the dress a dark, miserable look, but I'm sure if someone was wearing it it would look less dead!
I love this top though, it is from Topshop and is called a lace collar top (i think i mentioned it in my Topshop Wish List), i think it is very well created as even-though dark colours are used and lace, it still looks stylish. I think this is helped by the on trend collar, which gives it an edgy look, but i would say the lace is great.
Overall, i think lace is hot, as it can change a clothing items overall look, but you have to be careful how you wear it, but i would say lace is at the top of my scale of hotness, rating it a 8 out of 10.
Do you agree? Is lace hot?

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